LONDON – fashion week ss 10, pandora, 09/21/09

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  1. garciamadrid says:

    long skirts….. I dont know

  2. Wow, she just looks amazing, really stunning. She pulls this tricky look off with grace.
    The gorgeous bag helps too. :)

    Florrie x

  3. sheer top is really hot

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  4. snoblak says:

    love her top underneath.

  5. Thats beautiful!
    -Beauty Revolution Magazine

  6. ELLE says:

    Pandora is always fantastic

  7. Brigadeiro says:

    What a striking look! LOVE the bag!!!

  8. oh my! she looks like a tall cool drink of water…or maybe a glass of wine. simply stunning.

  9. RJ says:

    Gorgeous dress/skirt INDEED!

  10. Hawa says:

    the skirt and every little detail is amazing….hate her hair colour though….i can imagine this on natural hair colour…brunette i’m guessing? would have looked so much better

  11. sandra says:


  12. beautiful look and good pictures.

    see you soon in Paris

  13. REALMFORGOTH says:

    the skirt’s proportion, superb…

  14. norawoah says:

    kuh-razy in love with the full length skirt. And normally I hate anything full length, but this one is banging.

  15. Karoline says:

    This outfit is simply just gorgeous!

  16. SummerTeeth says:

    that skirt is spectacular but the rest…. eh, she could have done better! but that skirt.

  17. Cristina says:

    Great pics from both NYC and London. Really to be inspired!

  18. S.I.Q. says:

    i dont really like it…

    -NASA & disney
    -fashion & cartoons
    -Marc J

  19. london is the most rich poeculiar place for streetwear. love the way she┬┤s vampish but also creative and so selfsecure. congrats! kawaiii

  20. She looks pretty but I am having doubts in her top. Don’t know why. :(

  21. Nicha says:

    Stunning. She makes long skirts look sexy.

  22. rachie says:

    I Love it. She’s a junior fashion editor at Tank Magazine. xx

  23. Anonymous says:

    She’s so beatiful!
    Does someone know where can I by that cardigan???