LONDON – fashion week ss 10, day 3, 09/20/09

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  1. nadine says:

    uuuuuhh. like the first girls outfit. exactly to my taste!

  2. Maria Confer says:

    Adore the punk Marie Antoinette chick!!

  3. The first girl looks amazing.
    I love her shoes and bag and the jacket is gorgeous!

    Florrie x

  4. sefi says:

    i love the first girl and i want her jacket. when will you take photos of me ?:)

  5. josefin says:

    love the knit

  6. Kitty Kat says:

    I wish I had that black dress…or I wish could knit… *sigh* ..

  7. Polina says:

    yeah! the last girl is cool!

  8. Anonymous says:

    OMG this punk princess is completely stunning. She looks gorgeous ! Marie Antoinette fell into the dark side….

  9. Danielle says:

    wow. what a set.

  10. Style Geek says:

    The beauty in the last pic will be my new muse. Chic, gothic and haunting – key words for Fall 2009. Hello Halloween!
    Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fasionable People

  11. Rosie says:

    I adore that last necklace! wonder what it’s made out of…

  12. Wikifashion says:

    I love the yellow blazer, it’s so different to the sea of black blazers!

  13. beba, says:

    Love the yellow jacket!

    Peace and love!

  14. Brigadeiro says:

    Wow, that knit dress and last necklace are A M A Z I N G ! ! !

  15. S.I.Q. says:

    i’m socked with the last photo!!

    -disney on space
    -fashion & cartoons
    -Marc J

  16. Jack Daniel says:

    I want the leather bag!

  17. Love tha thair in the end, very original!

  18. One of my favorite sets to date!

  19. diane says:

    Totally in love with the last girl! In a non-lesbian way.

  20. katya says:

    absolutely loveeeeeeeeee mustard yellow on black in the first look….. ultimate chic/edge.

    the melodrama of the last look is bananas. love it.

  21. helloooo yellow

    love that cut

  22. The hair-style is so intersting,purple colour and very cool.The woman is just like a star ,fashionable and beautiful.

  23. Sabina Knox says:

    I really like the last girls outfits, its very exciting!

  24. Wow I Love the two last photos!

  25. Laura says:

    the first girl looks like a supermodel! Wow!

  26. Curiously Me says:

    Love the style of the first girl! from her hat to the shoes, great…


  27. Vesslerna says:

    The lady in the first pictures is really beautiful and stylish but the Goth queen is making me fall in love.
    Fabulous jewellery and apperance.

  28. denparser says:

    Wow… first two pics… I like the lady. She’s beautiful. So adoring.

  29. hedi says:

    Yellow jacket is beautiful.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The first girl is in London? – She dresses like every girl I know from LA. (Not a bad thing)

  31. Great pics, I like the first one with those shoes and backbag

  32. Hawa says:

    who are these girls? my lord they look fabulous!! loving the yellow blazer and the punk chick….but what really got is the red lippy and the knitted dress….she’s a standout!

  33. Really like the Leather BagPack!,,,I want one!


  34. RINO says:

    La jeune fille en veste moutarde est juste folle ! Quel style ! Encore une bon “chassage” de tête :)
    Bravo.. clapclapclapclap


  35. vnss says:

    The first girl is Emma Ishta, she’s a model from Brisbane. I adore her backpack!

  36. Florent says:

    Last girl’s style is just looking amazing ; like, for real! luuuuuv the pics!