TOKYO – omotesando & harajuku, 08/21/09

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  1. I LOVE the floral scarf that girl has wrapped round her shoulders. Her hairband is pretty fabulous too.

    Florrie x

  2. Ms. B says:

    Oh I love the first girl’s outfit! I could totally see myself wearing that! Too cute!


  3. Tu nous épates à répertorier tous ces looks!!!

  4. Fannah says:

    love ’em all! especially how the second guy’s jeans are spotted and how innocent the third girl looks with her big red buns.. :)

  5. it seems like lots people r interested in japanese street style!if so,you might wanna check this site
    not really unique photo shooting style like face hunter though.i always wanna know how face hunter decides each people’s pose,or get their expression like that(at least few pepole must be shy to straight see the lens!)

  6. Hannah says:

    Very inspiring – all of it! All of the layering and proportions are so unexpected. Great batch!

  7. Wooow! Cool pictures! I want to go to Tokyo too!

    the singular

  8. beba, says:

    They are freaky, in good way of course.

    Peace and love!

  9. Polina says:

    love the first pic! the trousers are really cool!

  10. millie says:

    I adore the first girls pants. :)

  11. lena says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG. TOKYO seems amazing !!! Thank you for your pics.

  12. Ingrid says:

    Wow, the third girl is so cute!

  13. Those are absolutely AMAZING shots! I LOVE the 2nd girl..She is truly great! I like her hair too.

    For street fashion inspired ILLUSTRATIONS, check out my blog!

  14. Brigadeiro says:

    That first outfit is perfection! :)

  15. Fiorella says:

    I love the redhair girl! she looks SO cute!
    I wish I could be in japan again… it’s so inspiring in there…

  16. Oh, I want that huge jeans skirt on the first photo! Or what is it? Wide jeans pants?

  17. Maya says:

    those pants are awesome!!
    that’s a really cute yet exaggerated outfit.


  18. Ashley says:

    The lace-trimmed top on the last girl is gorgeous..and I love the photo in general, great background.

  19. Hawa says:

    seriously maazing style happening….how beautiful and simple are the stripes and flares…she is wearing it without it wearing her

  20. Emmet says:

    lovely Japanese!unique and elegant style!

  21. diane says:

    I love the pants in the first pic.
    The one with the scarf reminds me of a post drollgirl did, “Scarves, scarves, glorious scarves”, on Friday. It’s a hoot, you should watch it.

  22. Great looks, especially the second girl, she looked so cute with the floral scarf!

  23. These (and your previous posts from Tokyo) are some great pics. We post a lot of Japanese street fashion photos too, but you are really good at getting the vibe of the city and a feeling for the people wearing the clothes. Nice work!

  24. amalie says:

    wow the first girls pants!
    and the third girl is all cuteness..

  25. Kathy says:

    love that pair of bleached jeans!

  26. Isabel says:

    The girl in the floral shawl is so cute! Yer killin’ me…

  27. The stylist says:

    I love the first girls wide leg pants, that material is great! The floral shawl is a favorite and the socks with high heels too!