TOKYO – harajuku, 08/23/09

In October, I’ll post here the pictures I took for Vogue Nippon. In the mean time, if you feel seeing more of Tokyo, check my other blog.

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  1. Thats where you meet the coolest and weirdest people in the world! Nice to see what´s going on today!


  2. Signe says:

    I LOVE your other blog. It´s so inspiring!

  3. Brigadeiro says:

    *sigh* those boots are amazing! :)

  4. millie says:

    i love her bangs!

  5. YMTV says:

    i love the hair, and the legs. Japanese are very fashionable.

  6. madeleine says:

    really nice makeup

  7. JamieDOTBall says:

    cant wait for the vogue nippon shoot..have loved all the exploration in tokyo on both blogs!

  8. Cool picutres!!!
    I’m curious to see your pics at Vogue Japan!

    the singular

  9. Karoline says:

    oh, love that hat!

  10. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Non mais là j’en ai marre encore une japonaise super (surtout la casquette qui lui va trop bien ce qui est assez rare). Et en plus vous la photographiez, je suis fan de votre travail depuis plusieurs années et j’aime toujours autant. J’espere que vous continurez encore longtemps.
    Bonne journée et bon shooting.

  11. kirstyb says:

    oh im loving the shoes here xoxox

  12. Isabel says:

    She looks so good! This is awesome.

  13. FashAddict says:

    she looks cool, really liking her trousers, or skirt? either way she wears it well! and the boots of course!

  14. CHICMUSE says:



  15. Andee Layne says:

    love this!Great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog! Please follow mine as i will yours! xo

  16. Her hair is awesome.

    Nicely done.

    Passport Foodie

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great shoots for most of your Japan series!

  18. catherine says:

    good look, nice style and funny

  19. wapzter says:

    wow your are so beautiful .

  20. Anonymous says:

    Missing London.

  21. The stylist says:

    Love the shoes and the hat and her bangs!!!

  22. Laura says:

    Oooh this is great!

  23. Emilie says:

    Love her make up!!

  24. They are the cools ones with cigars.