TOKYO – harajuku, 08/20/09

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  1. lachatnoir says:

    Perhaps there is a sneaky cocktail in there. Fabulous photos from Tokyo. Wonderful way for us to vicariously visit it with you.

  2. Hawa says:

    sometimes a dress and a smile is all you need….with a little bit of polka thrown in…

  3. millie says:

    the little girl is so darn cute! she gave me the biggest smile on my face when I saw this picture. :))

  4. diane says:

    It’s always the kids that steal the show, isn’t it?

  5. ichigo-chii says:

    That little girl is sooo cute ^-^

  6. Aava says:

    its funny to see the last girl with blonde hair when i know so many people over here who envy japanese people for their dark hair!

  7. lauramorgan says:

    I want the last girls shoes. Desperately.

  8. Charles says:

    La petite a déjà intégré l’art de de poser à la japonaise.

  9. Isabel says:

    That last girl is freakin’ gorgeous.

  10. woah man that’s far out

  11. Anonymous says:

    I challenge you to find any girls over the age of 10 without bleached or dyed hair in Japan. Of course it’s possible, but rare.

  12. Fast Fashion says:

    Dimples :) So much fun!

  13. mercedes says:

    love the little girl!

  14. That’s a large thing of juice for one person.

    Wonder what kind it is.

    Can someone translate?

    Passport Foodie

  15. Brigadeiro says:

    I want to visit Tokyo if only to check out these amazing vending machines I keep seeing/ hearing about! :)

  16. Joelle Leung says:

    hahah yes what anon said! hehe

  17. what is that humongous drink?
    of course the girls are always adorable
    and the bottom lady has a fascinating eastern western look

  18. kirstyb says:

    pics are great love the 3rd girlies outfit! especially those boots x

  19. Ashley says:

    That little girl is so adorable! Lovely dress she’s wearing too!

  20. beba, says:

    The blouse at the last pic is beautiful.

    Peace and love!

  21. ELVIA says:

    wow. i wana visit tokyo. the people are very stylish and each have their own personality – which speaks through their clothes/wardrobe! i love it!

  22. That large drink appears to be some kind of tea. I say that because the last character is the Kanji for tea (cha).

  23. willpoower says:

    that is wulong tea.

  24. The stylist says:

    Blond Japanese, you go girl! and I love the dapper japper in the suit, very handsome :) love the hat.