LONDON – soho & old street, 08/27/09

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  1. Fannah says:

    love all three of them!

  2. wolfwhistle says:

    Could there be three more beautiful people? Wow.

  3. beba, says:

    Necklace at first pic is great.

    Peace and love!

  4. Do like especially the first picture and the third look.

  5. agatiszka says:

    OMG! What a face on first picture, it should be on magazines cover!

  6. 1ère photo impressionnante!!!

  7. Diana Dalziel says:

    Oliver with a fashion twist!

    “Please sir,can i have some more couture?”

  8. christine says:

    ah! is that charles guslain? he looks amazing! he has a great fashion sense.
    i’m also loving the last girl’s outfit!

  9. bryana says:

    ohhh is that charles guislain?!!!!
    love the guy’s necklace.

  10. Brigadeiro says:

    Wow, that boy is unreal!

  11. Dannie says:

    i need these last two pieces
    that grey/black bandage dress is soooo baaangin
    and im dyiiing over the see through sweater with the purple top…perfection!

  12. RJ says:

    I’m impressed again!

  13. CHICMUSE says:



  14. diane says:

    I agree with beba, that necklace is killer.

  15. máni says:

    is that charles guislain in the top picture?

  16. lauramorgan says:

    I desperately want the thrid girls top.

  17. JamieDOTBall says:

    london always has something unique :)!

  18. Hawa says:

    first photo is fierce!!! as for your previous post….all i can keep thinking of is FLORAL JUMPSUIT!

  19. I really like these!

  20. oh wow
    the first picture
    talk about gorgeous :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dude, the first picture…

    It’s like a painting by G. Klimt, coulours and pose (except for the background).

  22. devies says:

    Wonderful pics!

    Love it



  23. daisy kate says:

    I love all three as they are all so different and unique – the third girl makes that topshop jumper look so easy to wear! I really like your blog, I’m a follower :) if you get a chance, please take a look at mine :)

  24. First pic – necklace and fierce gamin= awesomeness.

  25. Polina says:

    love the first pic. it’s so androgyn and cool!

  26. The kid in the first photo looks like he came straight out of a Stanley Kubrick film. I love it!

    Passport Foodie

  27. Jo says:

    You should check Charles out in the new issue of Love magazine too.

  28. adeline says:

    awwwwww that boy is CUTE!!!

  29. Kimberley says:

    I know the first boy is Charles Guislain. I posted him on my blog

  30. thekang says:

    The necklace in the first pic looks similar to the one Sweet P wore on Project Runway All Star Challenge! Love it!

  31. Suzanne says:

    second dress is gorgeous!

  32. Amandasaurus says:

    The first kid looks like Skandar Keynes with bleached hair.

  33. sefi says:

    love them all and can’t wait till you come to visit.

  34. charles!
    ahhh i love that boy.

    images reposted with credit and link