LONDON – soho & mayfair, 08/26/09

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  1. I am LOVING the bowler. I picked up one myself from Selfridges a few months back, it’s very London even if I don’t always don it for a trip to the Supermarket!

  2. jameson ruth says:

    wow that lady’s sweater is killing it.

  3. limi says:

    i love the first girls outfit!

  4. CHICMUSE says:



  5. Sarah says:

    Great oversized knit – beautiful colours and proportions!


  6. Tehme Melck says:

    At last – a grown up man in a suit! More people over 20 please, men or women!

  7. millie says:

    I love the second womans floral dress!

  8. Brigadeiro says:

    That gentleman sure looks dapper! :)

  9. mmmm amazing romper! they are my current jam.

  10. christine says:

    ah, i love a man who can dress like The Real Thing.

  11. Finn says:

    I love the last girls cardie!

  12. Anonymous says:

    The man with the bowler seems my professor of fashion history!


  13. Miss Debby says:

    he’s very dapper…and the last girl has great hair!

  14. YES! London! Next best to Tokyo..I’m gonna miss those photos…but am looking forward to the Londoners!

  15. Anthea says:

    Gorgeous and vibrant photos! I really feel you captured the essence of Japanese style in those street photos from Japan! Bravo!

  16. RJ says:


  17. beba, says:

    Love that floral jumpsuit.

    Peace and love!

  18. Laura says:

    Haha, quite stylish, that first guy! I like the first girl’s playsuit.

  19. dot says:

    Love your blog, great photography. I always love a good bowler : )

    I do a street style blog based in London, it’s getting quite popular: would you like to swap links? I see you’ve got a few other London street style blogs listed, let me know if you’d like to add mine. Thanks.

    dot @

  20. Anonymous says:

    impressive! great combination of earrings, lipstic, cardigan and pants. What a harmony of colors!!!
    But above all things, her confident attitude makes her really stand out! =)

  21. diane says:

    The first guy really nailed the London vibe.

  22. FashAddict says:

    love the florals in the second picture, cute! and also it’s great to see the ‘london gentleman’ in the young person’s dominated blog world..yeah!!

  23. The bowler hat is awesome. I would love to see hats make a come back. Go watch Sabrina and you’ll see dozens of men wearing bowlers and then some. I love it!

    Passport Foodie

  24. Fannah says:

    adore the playsuit and the pop color cardigan..

  25. Yes! The woman with the sweater is fabulous. I love the shoes and the composition of the photo with that amazing bright background! lovely. Great Blog.

  26. Vivo says:

    Reallly wanna get myself a bowler hat!! loving the look!

  27. Mira says:

    Oooh, all I want in life is to own that floral romper!

  28. Maya says:

    I love the bowler hat! I have one and cant figure out a good time to wear it. The shoes in the last photos are brilliant.

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  31. Love the top two shots. So classic. Perfection.

  32. Anonymous says:

    that floral romper is from topshop and the belt so if you want it look for it on eBay it was on sale a while ago

    that bright knit cardigan at the end is from river island in store now and is a reasonable price

  33. Hahah the guy with the bowler is huge!

  34. sarah j. says:

    Amazing sweater, absolutely love it.

  35. isabelle says:

    trĂ©s suite de prise…………j’adore cet endroit. Isabelle