HELSINKI – flow festival, day 1, 08/14/09

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  1. Hawa says:

    girls in helsinki know how to have fun!

  2. diane says:

    The 2nd girl could be Ginger Rodgers grand daughter, I can’t believe how much she looks like her.

  3. for some reason I expected everyone to be pale

    how wrong i was

  4. July's junk says:

    Just lovely! The clothes do what clothes are supposed to: completely enhancing and emphasizing their personalities and expressions!

  5. MIA says:

    do you bring much material to the street? just the camera or more material?

    (good job, the blog is great, in april I were in London and I loved it, but it’s too rainy)

  6. July's junk says:

    And Yvan, the blog is one of a kind, cult for sure! As great as it is, I was just wondering though if you have had any plans of putting som buyers “sources” next to the pics (on some of them at least)? I understand that a lot of the beauty of your page is the clean inspiration you get from just looking at a text free photo. Still some of the outfits just makes it itch inside out of shopping/fashion hunger..

    Cudos to you anyway!

  7. Oh, such a modern pin-up chic look! So soxy!

  8. Polina says:

    The second girl is amazing! Love her look!

  9. Avyn says:

    I love the characters that you capture through the fashion of your subjects.


  10. Laura says:

    Beautiful, especially that first girl!

  11. Oriane says:

    Love the last outfit !

  12. SteFon says:

    Trop mignonne la fille de la 3eme photo et la derniere, meme avec son strabisme…elle a kelke chose de coool !!
    Sa veste et le pantalon …tres coool !!