July 31 – Aug. 4: Stockholm
Aug. 5-10: Copenhagen Fashion Week
Aug. 11-13: Oslo, Øyafestivalen
Aug. 14-16: Helsinki, Flow Festival
Aug. 17-24: Tokyo (1st time!), Vogue Nippon shoot
From Aug. 26: London

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  1. aDeLiNe says:

    I’ll be at the Flow Festival too !!!

  2. BelleOnEarth says:

    Well, I am coming to NYC and London Fashion week and would love to meet u there.

  3. stylish kidz @ the MQ.
    Luv it!

  4. miss a. says:

    Can’t wait to see you in TOKYO!!!

  5. diane says:

    Oh, I love that baby! My grand daughter is about the same age, almost 3.

  6. ingrid says:

    Great, you’re coming to Oslo :D

  7. I was at Stockholm a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Have a nice stay there!

  8. JamieDOTBall says:

    tokyo will be insane cant wait! cute shot too wish i could dress so well

  9. Marcia B. says:

    omg so freaking cute!

  10. Again finland. cool. i thought you got enough from us.

    I love that kid, so stylish and only so young.


  11. Kamilla says:

    I´m so happy you´re coming til Øyafestivalen in Oslo! See you there :)

  12. Beha says:

    Looking forward to the stuff from Tokyo, and always nice to see you back in Copenhagen! :D

  13. can’t wait to see you vogue japan shots

  14. Iman Mohamed says:

    Aaaw, he’s adorable :)
    I hope you enjoy tokyo!


  15. hayley says:

    Yay your going to Tokyo. I hope you photograph my friends. Don’t just go to Harajuku, go to Koenji, Shimo Kitazawa, Daikayama, Ebisu. You will LOVE it there Yvan, I miss it so much. Have fun, the girls there will love you, ha.

  16. Anonymous says:

    what about this fall?where you gonna travel?

  17. kanako says:

    I will be in Tokyo too during that time!:)x

  18. Oooooooooh ! This is so cute <3

  19. Anna-Maria says:

    You should come to Tampere in Finland sometime. Lots of stylish peeps here. Maybe during Monsters of Pop in September?

  20. Candice says:

    Aww such an adorable baby! And so fashionable too.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I really can’t wait to see Tokyo.

  22. Di says:

    Sounds like a hectic summer! Some of my favourite cities – in fact probably all of them apart from Paris! Enjoy Tokyo – I went for the first time in April and was blown away by it – already plotting my return!