REYKJAVIK – suðurlandsvegur & downtown, 07/14/09

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  1. The first photo is a beautie. And all three of them makes even more beautiful trio.


  2. the simplicity of the blue shirt is darling.

  3. love the middle photo

    ao clean and light

    quite understated

  4. Pam says:

    2 thumbs up on the first photo! great colours, awesome composition!

  5. Hyakoukoune says:

    Nan mais moi je meurs là avec ces photos de Reykjavik !

  6. Brigadeiro says:

    Love those gelato colours! That first pic is gorgeous!

  7. bryana says:

    the colors of these photos really stand out to me:)
    all beautiful!

  8. Marcia B. says:

    same here, love the middle photo!!

  9. MaxW says:

    Youth incarnated.

  10. Isabel says:

    Everyone in Iceland seems so well-dressed!

  11. diane says:

    These are fabulous, Yvan. The colors, choice of setting, I mean, WOW! Really nice.

  12. JamieDOTBall says:

    how wnderful iceland must be in the summer. its wonderful in the winter too :)

  13. Ashley says:

    First photo- I love the sorbet colors she’s summery.

  14. Mo says:

    very beautiful <3

  15. Dana says:

    that first one is SPECTACULAR. the setting totally makes it. that road! amazing.

  16. Laura says:

    Man, is there anyone in Iceland who is NOT awesome?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Likeeing the first photo!!!

  18. brilliant photography!

  19. Kimberley says:

    The first girl is great.

  20. Caroline says:

    Face Hunter–how are you taking these pictures? They’re wonderful! Did you actually find these people on that country road or was there a photoshoot there? Just curious :)

    Love the melon-y colors on the first girl!


  21. The girls are soooo pretty!!!

  22. Karoline says:

    Lovely light blue shirt!

  23. Maria Confer says:

    The colors are so bright, they make me happy!!

    Amazing first photo!! I love the road shot.

  24. Just beautiful how you ever found these wonderful peoples??

    love Lars

  25. wow the first photo is beautiful!

  26. lovely girls, lovely colours..

  27. Polina says:

    beautifull colors! so pure!

  28. itchy says:

    all the girls you photograph are such beauties. guess “normal” people are never photographed by facehunter no matter what there wear.

  29. keisha says:

    the middle girl’s colouring is just beautiful

  30. the top and bottom pictures are superb, composition and personality.
    but i love the middle one and not just because she has a nice tiny cleft chin

  31. Shannon says:

    So bright and lovely!

  32. the background is interesting….so jealous that the sky is so blue while here in London is full of grey dirty clouds.

  33. EKYS says:

    the colours are so trippy. sweet.

  34. Anonymous says:

    The first pix is so beautiful. The framing is perfect. Like the long road going away. Great man!

  35. Hayley says:

    ADORE the first!

  36. love the first pic, so pretty, love the colours, perfect!

    nicola xx

  37. k says:

    does anyone know where to buy shirt as the girl is wearing on the second picture? i love it.

  38. the first photo is amazing. it looks like it cannot be real.

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Ooh, looks exactly like the latest Sigur Ros cover! Beautiful! And nice clothing styles too!