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  1. Aava says:

    its all about the pants! lovely!

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    insane-ly good! as usual

  3. Isabel says:

    haha! I love that first guy.

  4. ingrid says:

    I love the first picture and the outfit on the last girl ;)

  5. Lilee says:

    love the lats girl’s rights!

  6. Kimberley says:

    They all look good

  7. Celia says:

    I always love a pair of nice tights!

  8. Everyone’s so cuute!

  9. the top photo is a big “lol”
    in the best way possible

  10. helenlouise says:

    What a lovely selection of legwear

  11. Elle says:

    Love all the tights – gorgeous!

    Soho Siren

  12. Ms Smart says:

    Who are you? How do you encounter all these beautiful, colorful people?
    I enjoy your blog and view it daily – thank you

  13. Allllllllllllll the legwear is awesome. Was this an intentional pattern?

  14. Mack. says:



  15. Tenny says:

    love all the tights in this post. i need a pair like the ones in the 3rd picture

  16. July26Twins says:

    Love your site! Will bookmark and will check in often. Best regards, July26Twins

  17. I love the first man! wWuld he marry me, please.

    It’s all about the flowers.


  18. Oh, I love the tights!!! Soooo hot and angry! )))

  19. great post!

    always have loved your blog. first time actually commenting after reading for so long.

    xo, km

  20. I am a fan of your blog! It’s because you show that there are no rules in being fashionable, everyone shows their individual identity! <3 It's so awesome lol.

  21. Forget Johnnie Depp, the guy in the first photo is going to play The Riddler in the next Batman movie.

    I can feel it.

    Passport Foodie

  22. Lauren B. says:

    Hi Mundi !!!
    Love to you both guys

  23. Michelle says:

    waw, LOVE the pale blue rose print dress and THOSE tights…where can i get a pair?!

  24. Molly Rose says:

    love the girl in the third picture, her outfit is absolutely adorable!

  25. The first shot is too adorable! And the tights in all of these shots are fab.

  26. srta a says:

    love the third one! so cute ;)


  27. love the two tone tights

  28. Elan says:

    Like the guys setting in the country side with whats he’s wearing. The ladies stockings are stylish too.
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  29. Hayley says:

    i just love the first pic! and 3’s outfit!

  30. amazing post. I like all the outfits, especially the girl in gloves-printed dress.
    At least I suppose its gloves…

  31. Marthe Sala says:

    Han første der er helt nydelig!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Is that you in the first photo, yvan?!

  33. ha ha, haven’t checked in for a while. love mundi! great pic of him. x

  34. Sofia says:

    ohh! i love the pants <3

  35. wow! it is really greta I highly appreciate your blog

  36. Anonymous says:

    love the use of complimentary colors!