REYKJAVIK – grotta on seltjarnarnes & downtown, 07/09/09

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  1. Blicious says:

    gorgeous pics! :)

  2. THE UNIQORN says:

    the last girl is cool !

  3. Bonjour says:

    i love the girls in the first two pictures

  4. Lauren says:

    These are amazing. The sequin bib shirt is crazy cool.

    x x x

  5. Sophie says:

    Wow, I love that sequin top!

  6. How comes that all girls from Iceland are so beautiful?
    Lucy =)

  7. MaxW says:

    Top cardifan/jacket is out of this world.

  8. Polina says:

    The first girl is amazing! I love her clothes!

  9. I MUST move to Reykjavik…today.

  10. The first womans ensemble is just amazing! I love her boots and jacket.. I also love the third womans (I just forgot its name) body suit? The scarf just adds to her incredible look making it more incredible!
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  11. yumiko says:

    i love the outfit the first girl is wearing- it looks astronaut-ish and weird, which i love!

  12. my observation confirmed: iceland is an island of healthy people…or one further an island of healthy beautiful women

  13. I really like the second photo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i love icelandic style!! seriously, i wanna frame the second picture.

    BTW my verification code happens to be “icies”. are these icelanders controlling computers too???

  15. miss a. says:

    The sequined peter pan collar blouse is so sweet and sultry.

  16. Ashley says:

    The rainbow romper is soo cute. Love how she has the fringed scarf over it.

  17. Brigadeiro says:

    That first jacket and 2nd girl’s sequinned top are simply AMAZING!!!

  18. decadencity says:

    is must be the water there!

  19. kimvee says:

    I want that sequin top! Stunning! and I love the first photo, her jacket is awesome!

  20. ChikaBebe says:

    i love the first picture she looks so hot


  21. who said “Iceland is just Bjork and Sigur Ros”? congratulations by showing us Iceland “behind” the geysers

  22. the 1st girl has perfect hair.

  23. JamieDOTBall says:

    when number 1 was loading from top to bottom i thought she was a spaceman :)! all very beautiful again!

  24. esome pics, comme d’hab. Bravo!

  25. Kasia says:

    looove the first one!!

  26. neverland says:

    wahh silvershirt!

  27. Jack Daniel says:

    The jacket in the first pic is the most beautiful jacket ever to be photographed by you. I can see why Reykjavik is your favorite place in the world. The women are even more beautiful than in Sweden!

  28. Isidor says:

    the first is the best

  29. diane says:

    Yvan, these are all outstanding.
    JFK Jean, of Mod Revival, did a post yesterday with a girl who looks like one you shot. The one with the beautiful “natural” (or “fro”). She’s perfect, not a thing out of place.

  30. Anonymous says:

    isn’t the first girl an urban outfitters (uk) model..?!

  31. chicmuse says:

    gorgeous looks. Love it


  32. Dannie says:

    its all sooo great!
    i love it!
    esp the sequins and the colorful romper!

  33. Harley Grant says:

    The girl with the Docs looks outstanding!

  34. Anonymous says:

    YES shes the urban outfitters model

  35. jC says:

    All great shots. Does anyone know who designed the space age cowl neck top?

  36. Nouvelle Vue says:

    I really love that sweatshirt that the first girl is wearing!

  37. Romi says:

    Love the first two girls. The first gilr’s jacket is really something!

  38. Isabel says:

    Thta girl is a vision in sequins.

  39. Anonymous says:

    the last girl looks like kathrine heigl!

  40. Love the second shot and everything in it! Fab.

  41. Hayley says:

    LOVE the first girl’s tights! and i agree that the last one looks like kathrine higel!

  42. Anonymous says:

    They all look great!
    But the last shot, isn’t that thing a bit short, when you can see the seam of her tights… or whatever that is.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Amazing pictures,
    by the way does anyone knows the brand of the coat from the first picture?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely amazing! Where can I buy the jacket from the first picture? :D