REYKJAVIK – downtown, 07/11/09

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE The outfit in the 3rd and 4th picture!
    That girl is amazingly beautiful!

    I want that hat!

  2. Lars says:

    Like all the styles mostly the girl in the 3 photo

  3. Sarah says:

    The first girl really looks like Claire Danes!

  4. Romi says:

    I love the dress in the first pic!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The hat is the icing on the cake of the third outfit…

  6. MsSmart says:

    The first girl is a knock out. The second girl puts together a cute outfit. How do you find these beautiful people?

  7. Brigadeiro says:

    They all look gorgeous! :)

  8. mich says:

    #1. Holy smokes!

  9. re: photo # 1
    what could possibly upstage a pair of plump very red lips? a cleft chin just below it. she looks like a modern day veronica lake

  10. JamieDOTBall says:

    such an ecclectic and beautiful mix :)!

  11. the top few just look sort of dull to me, i get a sense of deja vu.

    but the last one is genius, i love those colours against each other, greenish blue, orangey brown, and white blonde hair and the detailing on the shirt.

  12. pbg says:

    lately something is wrong with your RSS. I’m using and usually I can see only one or sometimes none of your photos.

    In the page – everything’s OK.

  13. Dannie says:

    the first one is my favorite
    and altho i’d never wear leather i must admit i am sooo feeling that brown jacket in the last photo!

  14. THE UNIQORN says:

    girl #1 and girl #3 are amazing!
    in the 3rd picture the background is sooo nice! wow….

  15. Velvet says:

    I love the girls and their styles in the first and the last pictures, they are so beautiful.

  16. jeanne says:

    I love girl 1&3, so gorgeous :)

  17. Jack Daniel says:

    The ones with the sunset are the best!

  18. Gorgeous strangers and great outfits, as usual.

    But honey, of course we want us to keep an open eye at your work, but still we should be able to see the older posts in your blog.

    cheers x

  19. Sunna says:

    Girl in pictures 3 and 4 is stunning and fun to be with! I’m so happy that we met and that we got to know each other!
    Takk fyrir að vera þú, þú ert yndi :)

  20. Caroline says:

    @Sarah: Totally agreed. That’s exactly who I thought of when I saw her!

    The girl in the last picture is stunning. In a I-absolutely-do-not-have-to-try way. *sighs*

    Great post!

  21. Pamela says:

    The last girls jacket looks awesome. Love the color, I want it! :)

  22. Stephanie says:

    I like the style of the third girl. She looks great.

  23. gosh are the icelandic women beautiful AND stylish.

  24. Anonymous says:

    #3 and 4
    beautiful pictures…

  25. shopgirl28 says:

    I love the first girls outfit. And that black and white wrap is great.

  26. that country look in the last picture combined with the leather jacket. omgod, honestly thats really really cool. i love it.

    and above all, i love facehunter ;-)
    too bad u didnt spot me the last time u was in antwerp ;-)

  27. Joan Wheeler says:

    holy SHITSCHEISSEMERDE that first woman is gorgeous

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow for such a small city, Reykjavik has a lot of stylish residents.

  29. I love the 3rd and 4th pic. beautiful girl and outfit!

  30. Isabel says:

    That first girl is soo beautiful! I want to go to Iceland now!

  31. stephanie. says:

    the last outfit is the best

  32. Wow…there are some really amazing styles here. Great shots! I love the picture of the guy with the drawings all over his shirt. SO cool.

    For street fashion illustrations, check out my blog!

  33. Hawa says:

    the red lips girl is gorgeous!! i love grey with red lips!

  34. the stylist says:

    I love the leather jacket with the blue western top. Chic and not at all costumey.

  35. mahagany says:

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  36. Second to last shot is fabulous!

  37. Hayley says:

    love number one’s dress! sooo cute!

  38. Linnea says:

    Love the red lips!