REYKJAVIK – downtown, 07/08/09

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  1. Caroline says:

    Maaan…. the first girl, wow!
    Great sense of style, all of them.

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    1 is love..iceland is love, great fashionable ladies one and all!

  3. saraah. says:

    the first girl is absolutely adorable <3

  4. Sophie says:

    I love Reykjavik! One of my favourite cities. I love all these looks!

  5. Brigadeiro says:

    Oh my! That first girl is amazing!

  6. Maria Confer says:

    All such gorgeous girls with such unique styles!! Love them all.

  7. first photo is amazing, the colrs and her expression!

    the whole post is filled with beautiful stylish women with amazingly healthy skin

    is it the fish in their diet or is it the hot springs,the midnight sun does not hurt, i don’t think…

  8. TIFFANY says:

    Amazing style! Where were these photos taken? The place looks really cute and whimsy

  9. diane says:

    My favorite is the black & white tunic with the gladiator sandals, nice.

  10. Eli says:

    I dont know what the first girl is wearing but it looks incredible!

  11. Waheeda says:

    Iceland is Boss!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I hated the first look, it seems that the girl just took the sheets out of her bed and cut them. Horrible silhouette.
    But I adored the last girl, she’s gorgeous – kinda remind me of Chloë Sevigny

  13. clareassiral says:

    im so into the high waisted look right now

  14. Reykjavic has lovely coulours. Lovely human colours..
    (never been there, Yvan just shown me…)

  15. Polina says:

    wow! all of them are beautiful and stylish!

  16. Kimberley says:

    I love the third girl’s dress.

  17. MaxW says:

    Love the shirtdress, the colours, the light and the flashing smiles. The good side of a country gone bankrupt.

  18. Kate says:

    I love the outfit on the first girl and the last girl! They look very polished. :)


  19. Karoline says:

    I liked the two first girls! How cute!

  20. Alexxander says:



    – Alexxander.

  21. Malene says:

    the first girls shirtdress is made by the icelandic brand Aftur… here is a myspace link to them

    “recycle or die”

  22. tince says:

    First girl is amazing!

  23. M!ke says:

    I wish I were in Reykjavik. It seems so beautiful, all the houses, the city, the people. I cannot wait to go this autumn.

    the first girl is gorgeous

  24. Steph says:

    the first girl has such a pretty face. Adorable! All girls have a great style!

  25. Hyakoukoune says:

    Owlalaaaa…beautiful girl and wears…Island…i’m dying…

  26. norawoah says:

    That top in the top is nuts. And her hair is perfect. You go girl!

  27. that pink and white stripy patchy thing is so incredible

    her beautiful face helps, of course

  28. Isabel says:

    I love that crazy pink poncho thing!

  29. Love the top/dress? on the first girl. Fantastic silhouette and the color is like carefree and candy-like!


  30. Dana says:

    the second is magical.

  31. Jack Daniel says:

    Great to see that you are in your favorite Scandinavic country! :)

  32. Niki B. says:

    the first girl is beautiful and the pink stripes are fantastic! you always have such beautiful photos :)

    xx niki

  33. Anonymous says:

    hi to face hunter
    here’s a new streetstyle blog from haifa israel

  34. Alveline says:

    The blue pants..not so sure! But I dig the rest:)

  35. Abegail says:

    I LOOOOOOVE THE peace girl

    just adore her!

  36. chicmuse says:

    last girl is gorgeous. great looks.


  37. AJ English says:

    first girl…. wow, gimme her number man.

  38. I love that girls pink and white poncho.
    and the color of lipstick on the first girl!

    This blog is great!

    check mine out

  39. Love the second to last dress. Very cute!