HELSINKI – wunder webshop launch party & misfits, redrum, 07/23-24/09

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  1. Monika Poppy says:

    if the last ones shoes were in a dark color, ID MARRY THEM

  2. both girls are gorgeous in different ways

    the blonde girl has THE cutest freckles

    but I can’t say that I’m inspired or excited by their clothes, sorry

  3. jenn says:

    oh, ann demeulemeester boots <3. despite not being a fan of white shoes/boots, those are very, VERY hot.

    ventures of jenn.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I look so akward, haha! I wanted the white shoes since they are not as common as the black ones and I looove both. Yep.
    Take care Yvan!

  5. the blonde girl is gorgeous
    i love her freckles :)

  6. Hayley says:

    love number one. her freckles are ADORABLE. and i loveee her sneakers (:

  7. Karoline says:

    Oh my, beautiful pics<3

  8. Eunice says:

    I am SOOOO excited to see your Japan shots! You’re going to have a blast there!

  9. blondie is gorgeous.

  10. i really like the white blazer

  11. Girl no. 1 – so simple and so excellent. Beige is the new black (only this summer).

  12. Ashley says:

    Love the first outfit and loving the Ann D.s in the second photo.

  13. JamieDOTBall says:

    finnish girls really are rather beautiful :)

  14. Hawa says:

    stripes and white heels!! love how basic the girl on top is…sometimes simple is the best statement

  15. Isabel says:


  16. I’ve been waiting to see what the Ann D sandals looked like in white. Not sure I love them as much as the black version!

  17. Love the first girl.
    Beautiful pictures.

  18. Dannie says:

    both of their sheos are remarkable! i loove botht he looks sooo much- cant choose a fave

  19. First shot is very raw and beautiful, shoes in the last one are to die for. The girls are like polar opposites.

  20. taryn says:

    Love the blonde! I love her chic yet tres casual outfit. Works for her very well. And yes she is pretty easy on the eyes.

  21. MB_ says:

    I want a nude blazer myself.. can’t find the right one anywhere…

    xoxo Fashion Waitress

  22. Meryl says:

    Love your blog & especially show! Would love to see a feature on Istanbul! The people are beautiful and there’s an incredible energy in the city!

  23. Talita says:

    love the oversized white blazer, it’s such a great statement. She looks lovely!

  24. Malin says:

    Dear Face Hunter, love your blog. It inspires me for my daily outfits! A new season is coming up and I will keep my floral pattern dress and combine it with a par of “bike boots” most preferably with metal details. Keep up the good work! And let people be inspired!