HELSINKI – punavuori & kaisaniemi, 07/23/09

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice looks!
    the first girl looks like wanda badwal from germany’s next topmodel season 2 (?) :O

  2. Anonymous says:

    wherewherewhere do those first shoes come from?

  3. Domonique says:

    loveeeee both looks, the first girl has so much style .

  4. I loove her fringe (#1)!

  5. Anonymous says:

    the first girl is stunning!

  6. The first girl is stunning! (2)

    **She looks like a topmodel**

  7. Isabel says:

    The first girl is amazing.

  8. Kinja says:

    Essi looks so good !

  9. Aïe caramba… Love both looks!

  10. ugly clothes

    pretty hairs

  11. Ms. B says:

    Heavy bangs is a trend again I see. Very cute!


  12. Francine says:

    Love the first girls shoes!

  13. Mat says:

    no.1 yes please, what great style and presence

  14. Jack Daniel says:

    The first girl is ridiculously cute.

  15. luv the first lady’s haircut. so precise!

  16. Ashley says:

    The first girl has amazing hair and an even more amazing outfit. I love her shoes!!

  17. Mick says:

    Oh man, the first one is seriously beautiful.

  18. Oriane says:

    I love the first look and especially her bodysuit !

  19. Aava says:

    the first outfit is PERFECT!

  20. renaye says:

    sleek and chic! but i don’t think we can wear like that in malaysia because here is too hot!!!!

  21. The Stylist says:

    I just love the first girl!! I love those shoes and that jacket.

  22. Dannie says:

    oooh, i looove the first girl’s look, from the lace detailed to to the harem trousers and the shoes- its greeat!

  23. andy says:

    the girl’s green sprouse leggins are fucking great!!!!!!and she’s cute.

  24. Laura says:

    Oh the first girl is so PRETTY!

    I love the second girl’s scarf-or-whatever-it-is-thingie.

  25. Hayley says:

    love 1’s hair and ADORE 2’s tights!!!

  26. Ashley says:

    Love the first look, with the lace top and sheer boots, add the blazer and its perfection!


  27. Polina says:

    the first girl looks beatyfull! I like her outfit and her hair.

  28. -h says:

    i quite like the 1st girl’s shoes

  29. Zina Maria says:

    You can get tights (#2) like that on for £3search: “Alvies neon number leggings”