HELSINKI – jello, kuudes linja + antti asplund final sale + wunder webshop launch party, 07/23-24/09

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  1. Aava says:

    Antti(second pic) looks yummy! And I love the dress on the last pic.

  2. diane says:

    Love the look of #1. I can’t really place what it is about #2, but I find his look a little creepy. I think the boots on #3 make her outfit look sloppy. Don’t make that face, I’m just being honest.

  3. Dealz says:

    Nice Pics. Check out my blog when you have time.

    Great tips and resources there. Check it out and show your support also. Thanks guys. Cheers!!!

  4. I love Anttis style. Just pure awesomeness.

  5. JamieDOTBall says:

    very desaturated looks, all wonderful in their own quirky ways..gosh i love finland

  6. fleur says:

    the jeans in #1 own me

  7. THE UNIQORN says:

    woooow I love love loveeeee the picture #1 !!!
    her jeans – amaziiiing!

  8. Hayley says:

    lovee the first pic. the jeans are so rad.
    adore the outfit in the last

  9. Aury says:

    love the look of the girl in no.3

  10. Isidor says:

    2nd picture is the best

  11. Anonymous says:

    last girl is very cute

  12. claus says:

    me parece genial el primer look. pero tengo que reconocer que el segundo da un poco de miedo. xdd

  13. K says:

    kid#2’s spot-on every time he shows up on blogs.

  14. the young lady, picture #3 from the top is full of charm

  15. All quirky fabulous in their own way.

  16. L. says:

    very hot jeans

  17. The Stylist says:

    GREAT acid wash jeans and I LOVE the second guy!

  18. Anonymous says:

    ugh… whats with all the smokers? it completely devalues any cool factor they might have had with the clothes. and that first girl? put it in a bin!

  19. Kingnot08 says:

    Like this blog very much the very first time i entered! Fantastic site!

  20. I Love the look of #1 it’s the best of the day form me.

    Check out my blog

  21. Photo number one is very cool.

    I love the jeans. Oh the 80s…

    Passport Foodie

  22. Isabel says:

    Those pants are the best.

  23. SummerTeeth says:

    love those zara jeans in 1.

  24. helenlouise says:

    Top outfit is beaut

  25. Anonymous says:

    yay you got antti! imma huge fan. he always looks like he walked out of a storybook.

  26. I really love the country look the most but I want those black boots!

  27. Hanif IM says:

    nice foto., asian face, rarely see in london?

  28. actually the first picture isnt a Zara Jeans. Its a Diesel one! ;-)