DUSSELDORF – catwalks exhibition opening, nrw forum, 07/25/09

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  1. yes yes yes to anything with ginger hair – pretty boys, girls, cats.

    but no to the last girl, i just get a sense of deja vu with those clothes and that bag.

  2. Noa says:

    Loved the third pic!

    Hook The Look

  3. Waheeda says:

    I like the stilled movement in the first and the second woman made me smile.

  4. Anonymous says:

    is the red head the winner of germanys next topmodel season 2?? nice outfit

  5. The guy in the first pic is amazing! The hair Rocks! And the picture as itself is also great.


  6. Laura says:

    Awesome, I love the ginger hair. The white dress on the girl in the second pic is really beautiful.

  7. love that black and white dress!

  8. Anonymous says:

    i agree with the first comment in a way.. they are all dressed very boring.

  9. I really like that hat in the third photo, really classy!

  10. ingrid says:

    I love the outfit on the second pic!

  11. Slimbykings says:

    LOVE that first take!!!!!

  12. Romi says:

    Love pics one and three. Beautiful hair!


  13. i think redheads photograph extremely well

  14. good, but theres nothing different, put the same clothes on anyone, they would look the same. style isnt just clothes.

  15. Elle says:

    Absolutely loved the first pic – that hair against the grey!

    Soho Siren

  16. Lene says:

    yes…lars is the winner of germanys next topmodel….FAIL!

  17. all so beautiful. gosh i luv your photos, the angles are amazing.

  18. Talita says:

    you tend to feature very different styles on each of your posts, so it’s only natural that there are always some looks I like better than others, however today every image left me beaming! but if having to choose the girl wearing tule would take the prize, I can totally see Carrie from Sex&thecity rocking that look!


  19. First boy has beautiful hair! First girl’s skirt and shoes are very ballet-esque. J’adore.

  20. Patricia says:

    I love the white “tutu” and the ballet shoes of the girl.

  21. Anonymous says:

    the boy is really cute ,but all of them look the same.boring clothes and faces.

  22. Ashley says:

    The girl in the last photo reminds me of Sienna Miller.


  23. Hawa says:

    red heads are soooo sexy! she has great style!

  24. Caroline says:

    The first picture is incredible. The wind and the hair…reminds me of how natural beauty often seems and yet how difficult it can, at first, be to obtain.

  25. The guy in the first photo has an awesome look. Red hair with the gray suit jacket and scarf.

    Nice look!

    Passport Foodie

  26. The Stylist says:

    I love the last girl. You go girl! I love that dress.

  27. Diego says:

    the first boy looks like a comme des garçons model

  28. Bette V. says:

    The girl in the 4th picture pulls off an incredible look!

  29. Isabel says:

    Ginger alert! That first boy is HOT.

  30. Sympathy says:

    I love the shoes in the last picture. Where can they be got.

  31. All very sharp looking and thus very much to my liking.

  32. i love the ginger kids
    goregous they are :)

  33. June says:

    the man in the first pic is really nice, luv his hair color!!

  34. africaren says:

    it’s barbara meier! haha. funny to see that obviously she wasn’t recognized as a “topmodel”, though heidi klum predestined this.

  35. Anonymous says:

    lars is the most beautiful woman in the world

  36. Anonymous says:

    hate all these copy-blogs of facehunter! people in düsseldorf do not rock just that red haired model