WARSAW – sinners & saints presented by warsaw black, confashion, 06/20/09

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  1. that chanel bag is amazing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Warsaw, finally ;) Too bad I can’t be here! And chanel bag is lovely <3

  3. diane says:

    Beautiful crisp clear photos, nice colors.

  4. Anonymous says:

    pretty ordinary… too bad.

  5. Sophie says:

    Love the first girl, that Chanel!

  6. i like the last girl for smiling

    whereas the other two are quite pose pose look we’re cool.

  7. I like her sleeves.

  8. Maria Confer says:

    loving the last girl!!

  9. I (L) the red chanel bag!!!!!

  10. MaxW says:

    Great Poles for once :D

  11. Polina says:

    I like the guy! He has something mysterious.

  12. Nahal says:

    omg i’m in LOVE with the first outfit,
    the fringe on the shirt and the skirt are amazing.
    Plus who wouldnt want that bag?

  13. beba says:

    They are so fresh and cool!

    Peace and love.

  14. areta says:

    finally u’r in warsaw !

    so bad I couldn’t meet you

  15. Talita says:

    usually I prefer a more classic look for men, but this guy’s unusual choices are so very interesting! I’m loving the mint green blazer, it’s so summerish!

    find me at…
    http://talitasbubble.blogspot.com/ :)

  16. Laura says:

    I like the guy’s blazer!

  17. EV says:

    I like this chanel bag!!!

  18. EV says:

    I like this Chanel bag!!!

  19. Love the first ensemble, how jazzy! J’adore.

  20. Brigadeiro says:

    That last girl’s so cute! Love the colours on her dress! :)

  21. Olviya says:

    the guy is really cool!! color of the blazer, hat and watch are the keys

  22. TrendLover says:

    Your blog is very fun and cool :)

  23. Ahh I want to go to Warsaw.
    I’m blogging too.
    It’s no facehunter.
    But i’ve only been doing it a week.
    Anyone fancy a read?


  24. So nice pics! I realli liked! :)


  25. chicmuse says:

    I totally loved the first 2 looks!. the Chanel bag is fantastic.


  26. Anonymous says:

    I saw you in “Plan B” with friends :) hope you have seena girl with a purple earring :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Love the guy and his mint colored jacket! So classy.
    The other two are quite boring…

  28. Isabel says:

    These are so cool! I want to go to Warsaw!

  29. Ashley says:

    i love the fringe sleeve and the hot red Chanel bag!! so awesome.


  30. gosia says:

    Girl in the 1st picture- amazing face.beautiful.

  31. Anonymous says:

    burzynski juz byl. nie ma nikogo wiecej do fotografowania w warszawie?

  32. Cebrita says:

    Warsaw?? On no!!
    Cracow is the best! :P
    Greetings from Cracow :)))

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m constantly under the impression that people from Cracow would love to have Yvan there, but then again they do absolutely NOTHING for this to happen. Maby instead of complaining show some creativity?

  34. Nicha says:

    Love the girl with the red chanel purse. Mui buen. http://fashionpile.blogspot.com

  35. That Chanel bag is gorgeous!

  36. Kami says:

    pretty chanel bag

  37. Anonymous says:

    I like bananas