WARSAW – pawilony + pałac kultury i nauki + loft 44, 06/23-24/09

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  1. Love the contrast of colours in the first outfit!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the second one is from the 20/06 post, isn’t she? ;) she is gorgeous!

  3. Maria Confer says:

    The night shots are beautiful and I love the first girl’s lacoste fanny pack!! ;)

  4. Brigadeiro says:

    Gorgeous outfits & shots (and girls too!) :)

  5. christine says:

    i adore the girl’s embellished vest in the third photo. the woman in the second photo looks incredibly chic! :)

  6. Talita says:

    that yellow jacket is amazing! primary colors really look great together, lovely contrast.


  7. Anonymous says:

    The last girl is absolutely beautiful.

  8. polish redheads, nice!!!

  9. N says:

    the first girl is gorgeous! i just love your concept of posting pictures of others! hahah, check me out:

  10. Kimberley says:

    Love the second girl’s shoes. They look like those Surface To Air ones.

  11. All the shots are simply beautiful!

  12. Polina says:

    I love the first look!

  13. Laura says:

    Would you look at the legs on #2!!

    Love colours of the first outfit.

  14. I love that bag on that last girl. It’s so cool.


  15. The first girl (look) is absolutely beautiful ;-)

  16. Anonymous says:

    the first girl seems to be quite fat .. ?

  17. The Stylist says:

    I just love that beaded vest on the last girl

  18. Isabel says:

    Girl is ROCKING the Lacoste fannypack.

  19. Marla Singer says:

    first one is fab! blue and yellow combo is superb <3

  20. . says:

    Great blog, will defiantly be back for more updates


  21. Lauren says:

    in love with the first look!

  22. the yellow and blue wearer is a god-damned star, if you ask me.

  23. Anonymous says:

    why do you think warsaw is the best place in poland???? visit Krakow… you’ll see…..

  24. Anonymous says:

    whoo! i just bumped into this and i realized that the last girl is the singer of très.b! i saw them live recently! cool pictures!