PARIS – men’s fashion week ss 10, day 3, 06/27/09

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  1. Brigadeiro says:

    The girl in the first pic is stunning! Love her outfit, as well as the girl in the 5th pic, especially the scarf. :)

  2. beba says:

    Girl in the 5th pic is beautiful!

  3. The AstroCat says:

    Loving the looks in pic’s nr. 5 and 6. Ohh such cool outfits :)


  4. Olviya says:

    Henrik is abs fabulous)

  5. UYYAWN says:

    that guy in a blue blazer looks ultra chic. effortless!

  6. Anonymous says:

    haha you caught henrik vibskov!

  7. Solveig says:

    i have to agree brigadeiro on the girls, but i think the 1st guy has amazing hair, not so much a fan of the outfit though…

  8. uurggghhh

    i’m in love with the woman in white with the scarf type thing and the bun atop her head, and how she holds her bag is so…perfect.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love the first photo, she is beautiful xx

  10. Sara says:

    the second girl looks like an exotic flower! the scarf and the hair makes an interesting combo.

  11. Ashley says:

    The two white outfits are amaaaazing. Love the scarf of the second white one.

  12. FabBlab says:

    The shoes in the first pic are stunning! Absolute love.

    I guess it’s because I simply have an affinity for the color purple.


  13. Jack says:

    That third guy looks superb, that is a really cool Jacket!
    All good finds.

  14. Laura says:

    The girl in the fifth pic looks so cute! I love her hair.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Henrik Vibskov (in the last picture) is one of the coolest dressed men I’ve seen, and he makes cool clothes too. I like how he pairs shorts and kneehigh stockings, it makes him look a bit like a schoolboy in uniform

  16. Julia says:

    the first one, perfection, a real stunner. the look in the 5th pic is lovely.

  17. Maria Confer says:

    All awesome. The girls are beautiful and I love the boys funky outfits.

  18. I really like the scarf she’s got in the fifth photo!

  19. Talita says:

    I thought all looks in this post were rather bold and kind of quirky.
    I love the two girls in white, it’s not everybody who can pull off a whole white ensemble and they did it in a very elegant way!

    lovely :)

  20. Anonymous says:

    that’s not henrik vibskov, is it? fantastic photos m. facehunter!

  21. Jack Daniel says:

    That asian girl has the best outfit!
    But what’s the name of the first girl? She’s supergorgeous!

  22. Pit says:

    Cool!! I love the blue leather jacket!

  23. Polina says:

    The woman with the extravagant scarf looks so elegant!

  24. harps says:

    wow that first girl is hot, and her outfit is great, really understated. the second lady’s scarf reminds me of a mushroom

  25. the 1st girl’s 70’s vibe is great.
    the women have superb taste…

    the men’s..some of them are hilarious.

    but photo wise the guy with the vest looks like a giant from the photo perspective, very nice composition, very amusing and disconcerting

  26. Romi says:

    These are all fabulous!!!! I’m deeply in love with outfit number three.
    Beautiful pics, as always.

  27. joeward says:

    i love the 3rd guy’s outfit. :]]

    Keep up the great work and wonderful pictures

  29. Dannie says:

    there are soem amaaaazing loooks in here, esp. the guy in the plaind and leather-whoa!

  30. yeah hes got the studded jacket on, the one we wanted but never managed to get. damn jealous. hes looks super in it with uber cool hair.

  31. Anonymous says:

    i absolutly love the guy in the studded leather jacket : o
    you don’t happen to know where it is from?? ^^

  32. Isabella says:

    the first one is amazing. it’s so european. i mean, just a true embodiment of european style.

  33. Yeepcha says:

    Henrik Vibskov is KING. And hot to trot!

  34. Anonymous says:

    the leather jacket is from H&M, Matthew Williamson.
    Looks great on him, I was considering to buy it too, don’t think they have it anymore..

  35. The photo of the woman in beige & purple shoes is amazing…she is totally stunning!

  36. Style-Sphere says:

    The photo of Vibskov is super.

  37. Isabel says:

    I thought the studded jacket guy wasn’t wearing pants for a second and it kind of frightened me.

  38. ALB says:

    That studded jacket looks aaamazing.

  39. The Stylist says:

    The first girl is so beautiful

  40. Katya says:

    I like first one combination.

  41. Anonymous says:

    this is not henrik Vibskov. Just someone copying his style without modifications

  42. The outfits looks great.
    The girl in the 1st and 5th pic is stunning i loved it.

  43. guy in a blue blazer looks ultra chic. effortless!