MUNICH – “visions – in an absolut world” exhibition, temporary gallery, 06/18/09

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  1. JamieDOTBall says:

    great looks :), shame about the visa :(

  2. julia says:

    wow u made the first girl look soooo good in the picture.

  3. Bohoblog says:

    I like the first one, the indian jackect!! there will be a “must”…

  4. Anonymous says:

    omfg THOSE acne shoes.. so hot.

  5. Isidor says:

    Love Love Love the Ladies! The first is very good…. Love the jacket.
    That thing with the visa is a shame :(

  6. diane says:

    You always seem to find the most adorable and pretty ladies. These are all great.

  7. Juliet says:

    Great dresses and skirts!

    juliet xxx

  8. Laura says:

    Wow, beauties! Especially love the 1st one.

    Sucks about your visa. I’m only half an hour away from Cologne right now, but tomorrows my birthday! But you can come over for some cake if you want.

  9. great looks face hunter! come to Argentina ahah

  10. Maria Confer says:

    Loving the first girl and paint hands.

  11. Isabel says:

    I’m kind of dying over that first girl’s shoes.

  12. Suzanne says:

    love the before last one! it are different styles mixed :).

  13. Beautiful people, great photos!

  14. Emilee says:

    The first picture is by far my favorite. Love the indian vibe.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I think Munich is ovverrated

  16. Munich says “hello” to summer dresses..

  17. these are great looks all off them!

  18. tima_amosov says:

    Nice pics) Great blog!

  19. Love the pictures!
    I´ve got you!!!!
    Great blog

  20. Anonymous says:

    The woman in third pic is the creator of hel looks Liisa Jokinen.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where to buy the floralprinted dress the girl with the black hat is wearing? Love the pink/purple colour!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi, does anybody know which brand the black leather sofa in the picture is? I have the same inherited from my grandparents and as far as I know they bought it in 1969. Mine is quite finished, so it would be nice, where to look for pieces….
    thanks sas

  23. Nicci says:

    all these shoes are so beautiful xx

  24. lydia says:

    love the outfits in this entry <3

  25. Anonymous says:

    daniel palillo non?

  26. Michelle says:

    The first girl has one of my favorite looks I’ve seen in a long time.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Daniel Palillo, oui, oui!