LONDON – soho & irregular choice, 06/16/09

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  1. JamieDOTBall says:

    cream(ish) suit with matching Yeezys (?) A NO NO NO. number one has lovely hair.

    mmm definitely some irregular choices here

  2. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE the first one!

  3. That pink lady is perfect.

  4. The last girl is great!
    Lucy =)

  5. coco says:

    amazing pictures. love all of them.

  6. Ashley says:

    i love something about every one of these inspiring!!!

  7. helenlouise says:

    I love them all, but the first girl is the best, I want to be her!

  8. Jonas Fogh says:

    I’m in love with the one in blue! Beautiful!

  9. Brigadeiro says:

    LOVE the 1st & last photo! The colours, the natural smiles/laugh…infectious & beautiful! :)

  10. all great photos!

  11. ah ah ah! the last one

  12. Jack Daniel says:

    How come the girls in this post are incredibly beautiful?

  13. diane says:

    The first two girls look great. If I tried wild leggings like that, they’d lock me up, haha.

  14. Dana says:

    love everrryyyttthinnggg about the first. ! amazing colors. gimme those boots.

  15. bohogirl says:

    I like the look of the rock girl, her shoes are very original for the outfit! She´s got personality! Kisses!!

  16. love the zebra style :)

  17. DirtWillie says:

    I want the first girl’s hairdo! I want to be a blonde so badly! :)

  18. Anonymous says:

    if the last girl is polish, it must be tatiana okupnik… but i’m not sure

    btw. i love the second photo!

  19. iphiana says:

    LOve these pictures !

  20. the last is my favourite

    how she looks away,

    how she holds her hands,

    the colour against her pale skin.

  21. Fannah says:

    Love them all! The one beige-dressed guy I now call the ‘tan man’ ;)

  22. Love people in soho, always up for some good styleful outfits.

  23. Nick Leonard says:

    I love the first girls hair style so much!

  24. love this particular set of photos, especially in terms of color, composition, and style…each wearer emulates a freedom of expression and self-confidence which defines…Style. I linger between the woman in the blue jacket, the guy in khaki, and the woman in bright pink as my favorites…but truly an inspirational treat to the eyes!

  25. Josefin says:

    such lovely photograhps! every picture has its own feeling, inspiration and beauty. i wish i could be so brave!

  26. the first girl has such a great hair cut! it fits perfectly to her face! amazing :)

  27. I love the pink one, what a precious necklaces!

  28. Isabel says:

    The first girl has such a cute pixie look!

  29. flashflash says:

    the second girl…well, she deserves her own style blog!
    kisses from spain.

  30. Laura says:

    Wow, the first one looks perfect!!

  31. swall says:

    little biteen of an aggy wannabe i think, but she’s awesome nonetheless.

  32. Love the first and last photo! Such eye-catching color and energy. J’aime très beaucoup.

  33. Maria Confer says:

    All so awesome. I want the zebra leggings.

  34. Krystal says:

    her hair in the first photo is perfect! great shots x

  35. THE UNIQORN says:

    the baby blue blazer is waaaaay to cute!!!
    love it!

  36. Genevieve says:

    These girls are so adorable<3

  37. You have beautiful pictures and I love all the styles.

  38. Anonymous says:

    love the second guy!

    they are all smiling, i like it!

  39. MaxW says:

    Lovely haircuts!

  40. kitty-san says:

    I like the penultime and last photos and also the hair on the first girl.

  41. Mack. says:

    love the first, third, and fourth outfit!

  42. Kimberley says:

    I love, love, love the first girl’s outfit and her hair, reminds me of Agyness Deyn.

  43. Kimberley says:

    And also the last girl’s dress. That other girl reminds me of Alison Mosshart from The kills

  44. Nicole says:

    im lovin the suit/Yeezys combo.

  45. Jimena says:

    zebra tights!

  46. chicmuse says:

    Im totally loving those looks! they just style


    new post!

  47. Dannie says:

    theres sooo much beauty/genius/inspiration in this post…i dont even know where to start…
    i think the zebra pants are my fave tho

  48. Gaia says:

    love them all, but specially the first one. adorable shoes&dress.

  49. Amer says:

    I love pink girl

  50. styleburst says:

    i love the first girl. The blazer with the flora prints. She looks wonderful :)

    amazing photos

  51. Charlene says:

    the last is my favourite
    the pink & assortment of juicy colours offset her skin tone & hair really well. striking!

  52. jC says:

    Love all the shots but especially Pink Lady – that is one of my favourite combinations, ‘bullfighters’ colours’: hot pink, orange, the tan or beige of skin tones, and against a black backdrop: magic!
    Also really like the guy in white on the bicycle.

    You just seem to go from strength to strength as an artist. A joy to visit your blog, thank you from one photographer to another.

  53. bee says:

    The blonde girl has lovely style.

  54. pj says:

    The guy with the stripe blazer is GORGEOUS! lOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT-SIMPLICITY-he is not trying too hard-it’s just enough.XXX

  55. Hawa says:

    love them all….the first girl’s blue blazer is to commit murder for…and the gentlemans striped blazer is also to die for…and the last girl makes me wanna wear hot pink again….my my so many things to consider! love this post by the way!

  56. the last guy is amazing!

  57. Juliet says:

    First girl has great hair! Last one looks like a celebrity!

    juliet xxx

  58. tima_amosov says:

    First girl has crazy hairlook! Love it!

  59. Jack says:

    Great post. They all look lovely.


  60. These photos are AWEEEESOME :D

  61. Taylor says:

    that second to last guy? love him! simple but stylish.

  62. ELLE says:

    The Blondie is gorgeous :)

  63. hot pink hottness.

  64. ebonyheart says:

    I love the first one…so natural!

  65. Katya says:

    I like how blue jacket and lovely dress suits to their owner – pretty girl!
    Also I like how the man in striped jacket with blue looks! He looks very chic and simultaneously simple!
    And the last photo of girl in pink – very nice! She looks pleasantly, brightly, but it is not vulgar. These colours suits her very much.

  66. Ruth says:

    Love love love the pink dress!

    Ruth @ Matches

  67. Anonymous says:

    The guy in the shirt with stripes is so sweet looking.