LONDON – soho, 06/17/09

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  1. JamieDOTBall says:

    some very interesting and daringly unusual patterns. a nice surprise!

  2. SiLvia says:

    Me encanta tu blog!Felicidades

  3. How amazing its the YSL tshirt!

  4. Stephanie says:

    i love the “Yves“ shirt. It looks great. I would love to have this shirt, too.

  5. fantastic every day!


  6. I am really intrested in the last picture. His pants are very intresting. Drop crotch pants to the extreme, and jamiedotball is rigt in sayng that te patterns in these photos are very intresting.

  7. madeleine says:

    loveeeely first pants

  8. diane says:

    These are a bit out of the norm for you, Bravo!

  9. I want first girl’s pants.
    Lucy =)

  10. Maria Confer says:

    Love the patchwork pants and “Yves” tee.

  11. my reaction to the top one can only be described as


    what I wouldn’t do for those trousers…

  12. Isabel says:

    That first girl is basically wearing my dream pants.

  13. simply.steph says:

    The enthusiasm the second one has. amazing

  14. XANABIOTICX says:

    i love love love the second look! and notice how heretic she looks? amazing. just amazing!

  15. jC says:

    You’ve got such a great eye, Yvan. I especially like the bottom shot – three subtle similar textures playing against each other.
    I do a London streetstyle blog, too. Please take a look when you get a chance – I’m not as established as you, of course – but if you’d like to do a link swap, I’d be chuffed to bits.

    many thanks!

  16. L says:

    very different trousers those two people are wearing

  17. Marla Singer says:

    i love the first pic! great jacket with amazing pants! wow <33

  18. norawoah says:

    Love the prints combo on the last guy. Great proportions.

  19. love the last photo, a lot of interesting creation outfits

  20. Laura says:

    Cool set! Love the shirt in the second photo.

  21. #1’s vintage Moschino is epic

  22. Carissa says:

    i like high waters i really do

  23. Old men’s shoes are “in,” in London? Hmmm. I’m a little behind the times!

    I love your blog.

  24. love the jacket and pants in the first photo and the shirt in the second!

  25. kimvee says:

    Very interesting. I love girl’s shoes in the first photo :)

  26. oh my god..this guy is incredible! i would buy him a ticket to lisbon so i could “shoot” him:)

  27. Anonymous says:

    the last photo: wow!

  28. Zoe Bee says:

    what label makes the “Yves” top? is it the same as the one that makes the Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour garments? I would so love to get my hands on one!

  29. Olviya says:

    great top with printed face!
    i’ve became somehow obssesed with such kind of t-shirts…

  30. Fannah says:

    the first and the last are definitely made to love.

  31. numadessas says:

    just the boy rocks. the pants, the tee: perfection.

  32. Katrionagh says:

    Wow, love the Saint Laurent portrait tee!

  33. C. says:

    soho DOES bring the best for inspirational styling!

  34. Talita says:

    I’ve always thought londoners have about the coolest seamingly effortless chic style around!

    find me @

  35. TheSleekGeek says:

    love the very first picccccc!coool!

  36. Nicole Then says:

    i love the guy’s outfit!! cool, so colourful yet together. genius

  37. photo 2 give me that tee shirt.

  38. Anonymous says:

    that man

  39. Pritty Vicky says:

    last one! i lovve it :)

  40. Harley says:

    The last picture is beautiful.

  41. Lea says:

    the second girl, nice shirt.

  42. lemonochrome says:

    I love that Yves shirt as well.

    You can purchase it here: