COPENHAGEN – distortion, city, 06/03/09

Distortion, the festival that celebrates Copenhagen nightlife, every night in a different area. Pure madness until Sunday.

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  1. rackkandruin says:

    Oh my freakin god. The girl with the gold hand??!!!?!?! you must have freaked when you saw her! amazingness all around. xx

  2. ooooh they all look so dark and moody, i mean i don’t totally believe some of them but that’s fine.

  3. Brigadeiro says:

    The first pic’s so beautiful! :)

  4. ersnsny says:

    loved the last girls style!!

  5. I love all these looks!
    Lucy =)

  6. the last outfit is friggin’ awesome.

    the purse makes it.

  7. Isidor says:

    I really love CPH (my hang out place).
    But is it just me, or are everybody looking the same?

  8. Maria Confer says:

    Her gold hand, torn jeans, rad hair, and joy division tee make me fall in love with her.

  9. noa says:

    The pics are bigger now, right?
    I love it!

  10. JamieDOTBall says:

    damn i knew there was somewhere i should be this week, distortion sounds awesome and thankyou denmark for being beaufitul and making my office day more summery

  11. leapfrog says:

    Copenhagen can do much better then this, i know that for sure. When I’m moveing my ass around copenhagen city I see far away more insperieing people. :)

  12. the first girl looks a bit like alexis bledel, hawt hawt.

  13. all round splendor =)

  14. Nicole says:

    The first girl is absolutely gorgeous. And the second girl with the gold hand. Freaky but the look is great.

  15. diane says:

    There’s a real goth vibe to all of these.
    I love your photos. xo

  16. Hannah says:

    I have exactly the same bag as the girl in the last picture and I found it in a charity shop. How odd.

  17. i love the artsy-ness displayed here.
    beautiful people dressing their own way…some overly trendy, some very individual, but overall, what i’ve seen is copenhagen style really rocks.

  18. christelle says:

    La 1ère jeune fille est vraiment très belle! et sa tenue est à tomber!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Black is the new black.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god! I TOO have exactly the same bag as in the last picture, and i bought it at this small, trashy fleamarket. hmmm…thought I was the only one. Damn.

  21. I feel like I must visit Copenhagen anytime soon!

  22. Fannah says:

    Love the ladies.. ;) in the first, the shoes with the tights are the perfect combination.

  23. Scandinavians are so beautiful and perfect. Freaks of nature!

  24. Copenhagen rules! always!!

    lovely memories i´ve got form the city and the people

  25. Gabriella says:

    joy division, I would kill for that t-shirt

  26. Isabella Eid says:

    Are you in copenhagen in the hole distortion week?

  27. street style says:

    Love the 3rd and the last outfit.Nice!

  28. love the first dress… but why on earth would someone cut up what looks to be a perfectly good pair of cheap mondays??? it’s just not cute.

  29. Mack. says:

    I loveee them all!

  30. love the last one
    too good

  31. Ashley says:

    Ok first look..totally amazing. The differing shades of greys and black make a really interesting look. Then you have the cobalt platforms that keep the look from being too monochromatic.

  32. MaxW says:

    Black lace can’t go wrong.

  33. what a pretty face on the top pic

  34. niamh says:

    the bag in the last picture is so beautiful!

  35. Nilza says:

    The girl with the leather jacket looks good.. I like the combination of the leather jacket and the sweet dress.. tuff meet romantic.. kind of nice

  36. Style-Sphere says:

    WOW.I adore the first look,the lace dress, the leather and then bang the blue shoes with grey tights!Oh and of course the backdrop of a really ace yellow bike.Trés chic.

  37. Olviya says:

    adore that girl in grey tights, black dress and leather jucket!

  38. Jack Daniel says:

    I think I´m going to quit learning Swedish…denmark is more interesting! Oh my GOD.

  39. Anonymous says:

    ha. so cool. except photo 3 lady looks like she just huffed on some paint. that’s like MJ’s single diamond-encrusted glove. what was she thinking?

    u all probably disagree. oh well