ANTWERP – royal academy graduation show, bonus

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  1. very architectural…and kinda madona in jpgaultier(>_<)

  2. Fannah says:

    :) love the jeans, and the padded shoulders.

  3. Maria Confer says:

    the jeans and shoes of the first girl are perfect.

  4. Genevieve says:

    I love the black dress althought I wouldve paired it with bare legs or something more eye catching. xx

  5. JamieDOTBall says:

    pretty but very subdued..but very pretty :)

  6. Aaaaah la tenue et le style tout entier de la fille sur la 1ère photo est juste à tomber.

  7. I love first girl’s shoes and second girl’s dress
    Lucy =)

  8. Isabel says:

    Love the second girl. Blonde on black is so dramatic!

  9. diane says:

    They both have such a modern edge. Brilliant.

  10. 2 amazing pairs of shoes
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Dannie says:

    i love zee boots in both pix…lucious!!!

  12. Brigadeiro says:

    Love that first shot! The blazer, the boots…

  13. Carissa says:

    i’m bored with the first picture

  14. Love the first shot – very simple, clean lines. And the shoes? Oh, my. J’adore.

  15. Anthea says:

    Are these designers? They look marvelous. I love the shoes the first girl is wearing.

  16. Jack Daniel says:

    These ladies are so sexy, they can´t be from Belgium!

  17. Mo says:

    love the wedge boots

  18. the first pic is great!

  19. I love this dress….. I want it!

  20. Ashley says:

    The first girl’s wedge boots are awesome.

  21. lachatnoir says:

    Fabulous urban photograph. Love the shades of gritty green in it.

  22. Jenny says:

    I really adore the second girl’s look! Simple yet edgy.

  23. What a creative blog:-) I like it!

  24. XAVS says:

    Love both pics, nice!

  25. joeward says:

    her dress is so Lady Gaga-ish and I lerv it. :]

  26. embrace the blackness, darlings

  27. MaxW says:

    Wonderful jacket.

  28. Minub says:

    wow!! LOVED IT

  29. Kimberley says:

    I love the 2nd girls dress, it reminds me of Gareth Pugh or something?

  30. so sexy the second picture, i like it. check different daily style

  31. Laura says:

    I have the same shoes as girl #1, I can’t walk in them for shit. They are much higher than they seem. The outfit is alright but every girl in Belgium and The Netherlands dresses like that.

    Love the second dress but it doesnt seem to fit her that well. She’s beautiful, though.

  32. That black dress on that second girl is so cool! I want it too.

  33. amalie says:

    woow. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. the first girl -her dress and blazer . the first guy- beige and cool . the pink dress, the zebra tightss aaahx

  34. Emilee says:

    I love that last photo with the girl and the dblack dress. Magnificently structured.



  35. tofuscloset says:

    love those shoes!!

  36. chicmuse says:

    those jeans are perfect. love it


  37. Quand je vois ces photos, je ne peux qu’amplifier mon manque post-londonnien !

  38. i liked the top outfit, great jeans. someone else does emoticons! (^_^) / …super awesome

  39. closeup says:

    those shoes are amazing!! do you know where from they are?

  40. Juliet says:

    Those girls know how to wear heels!

    juliet xxx

  41. Taylor says:

    wow! that first girl’s cheekbones could cut someone across the street!! gorgeous!