ANTWERP – royal academy graduation show, day 3, modenatie & waagnatie, 06/13/09

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  1. to continue the topic: a picture on monday? lena bxl is a blogger too^^ and it’s right here:

  2. Fannah says:

    love the first and second a lot :D the boots!

  3. Laura says:

    Beautiful Belgians!

  4. Andriusha says:

    All the girls are trully adorable :)

  5. JamieDOTBall says:

    cute summer freckles :)

  6. fantastic blog with wonderful faces!
    love it! :)

  7. The girls are beautiful!
    Where is the guy from?
    Lucy =)

  8. oh no! heartbreakers!

    i love their hair, all of them

  9. Anonymous says:

    Die Jessi sieht aus wie meine Oma :)

  10. Romi says:

    I love the first and third outfits.

  11. emma says:

    love this blogg

  12. love em all, especially second girl who is beautiful in quite a striking way.

  13. diane says:

    I love the freckles on the 2nd girl, and the guy with the little moustache reminds me a little of Salvidor Dali.

  14. Looove the hair on the last girl.

  15. the girl with the bikes looks a little like francoise hardy

  16. Nicole Then says:

    her freckles are so cute. love how you captured her beautifully!

  17. Jessi, I like your blouse, also you can see very obviously that is I also like!

  18. Nahna says:

    The first girls look is just amazing.

    Love your blog!!! Please come see mine, that would be so great :)


  19. Isabel says:

    I covet those first shoes so hard.

  20. Hanna. says:

    Lovely freckles =D !
    Good to know it’s shiny there, i’m invited to a wedding and a HATE chen it rains in Belgium !

  21. Maria Confer says:

    I want the first and second girls shoes.

  22. Hannah says:

    i loooove the girl with the freckles.

  23. Kerstin Coco says:

    Love the second!


  24. Jack Daniel says:

    I love all of the girls in this post. I´m in love. And the guy looks cool. :)

  25. Dagmar says:

    I love girl nr. 3

  26. Hawa says:

    love the turqoise top….in love with colour these days and i love the handsome moustachio man…lovely photos

  27. taryn says:


  28. royalBee says:

    Tolle Bilder. Auch Jessie sieht toll aus. Ernst aber toll :)

  29. paul says:

    jessie schaut toll aus.
    fast hätte ich sie nicht wiedererkannt

  30. Anonymous says:

    this girl from lesmads is kind of ridiculous, non?

  31. honestly dont see what all the hypes about.

  32. Antwerp is definitely better than my memories assumed!

  33. olgajeanne says:

    The necklace of the girl with the “emerald” top looks like those made by the YAZBUKEY sisters!(

  34. Vanessa says:

    Hi! Lovely blog with good faces…. Personally I like 1st outfit it’s too cool. Good job :)