STOCKHOLM – f12 terrassens invigningsfest, 05/18/09

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  1. Angela says:

    i want that .. coat? shawl? blanket? quilt? in the first picture. it looks fuzzy and heavenly.

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    how bright and garishly wonderful..perhaps could only be pulled off in scandinavia who knows?

  3. Miss Jonson says:

    the guy looks wonderful.
    reminds me of the singer of mando diao. he looks similar, doesn’t he?


  4. Jack Daniel says:

    Great outfits. Very original!

  5. i want to be scandinavian! theres just something about them that set them apart from the rest of the fashion world! failing transformation into a girl from the north ill take a boyf from Norway, sweden, denmark, finald or iceland? be mine yeah? xx

  6. says:

    the first one kinda looks like björk!

  7. amazing garment in the top picture and the colours are incredible, such a unique piece.

    bottom one: personally i don’t know why some people insist on wearing the now ubiquitous black leather jacket, nor why people have taken to wearing headbands that push their hair down (rather than up out of their face). All it says to me is i’m trying to look cool.

  8. Ashley says:

    The first one looks soo like Bjork! I love the little kitty mask..very cute.

  9. I love the knitted sweater, wonder where she found it.

  10. Nicole says:

    I think all three looks are absolutely great.

  11. Fannah says:

    all three are so playfully amazing!!

    1. doesn’t that itch??
    2. meow :)
    3. mickey mouse could not look better!

  12. harps says:

    the first girl sorta looks like a doll. she has nice hair

  13. Morgan. V says:

    Love catwoman look
    and guy too

  14. Atticus says:

    Second girl is gorgeous!
    Hair is amazing.

  15. these pictures are adorable: nothing over the top, very understated even the brightest colored coat.
    middle picture looks a bit like meena suvari circa whenever american beauty was made

  16. milosundae says:

    the girl at first pic is soooo pretty! especially with what she wear, oh i’m in love with those coat!

  17. marie says:

    oohh kittycat…i have to get out and get such a mask. just too cute!

  18. yourself says:

    sthlm.wtrmelonsmexicans and johnny depp

  19. lachatnoir says:

    I love the photo of the girl with the cat mask! What could be the backstory there I wonder….

  20. Filipa says:

    The first girl’s face is full of foundation, foscas!

  21. daisy kate says:

    I adore the middle girl, and that boys layering is fantastic, I’ll have to get my boy to try this look.
    Kate ♥

  22. sandra says:

    I absoutely love the girl in the first picture…she looks like a child of Astrid lingren’s “the children of noisy village”…cute

  23. restiii says:

    the fisrt girl really reminds me of bjork. this girl’s face is really akin to bjork’s.

  24. Anonymous says:

    the first one looks so much like bjork that it has to be intentional