LONDON – soho, 05/29/09

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  1. patti says:

    i love those h&m jumpers. :)

  2. Laura says:

    Great jumpsuit on the first girl! Both very pretty.

  3. Oh


    painfully in love with the bottom girl; that velvet (?) blazer! those shoes! kind of masculine clothing

    and that perfect braid in her hair

    oh me, oh my

  4. the jumpsuit is gorgeous!

  5. diane says:

    The second photo, WOW!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. this set is about feminine limbs:
    nice arms on the first lady and legs on the 2nd. sleek

  8. JamieDOTBall says:

    something about number one sets it apart..somethings happening there that makes it more than just the clothes and the pretty girl..I love clothes and pretty girls..i love photos that are more.

  9. the jumpsuits persist.

  10. what IS that zebra jumpsuit?! NEED IT WANT IT!

  11. ahhh H&M jumpsuit…I love!!!

  12. Sven Barthel says:

    What comes evident through the style blogs is that the people in their aim to look highly individual at the end look all the same worldwide. Spotting a real Park Avenue Lady (omg, they became so rare) wearing a perfectly fitting Chanel Costume would impress me so much more. I will never understand how people can get enthusiastic about gray H&M pencil skirt! Boring as hell!

  13. frances says:

    i think i need the jumpsuit.

  14. I love that jumpsuit!

  15. The Stylist says:

    I love the second girl, is that a romper? very cute and sporty but still chic.

  16. Fannah says:

    Both outfits are so perfect. The second girl her shoes are amazing!

  17. i love what they are wearing, and the photos!

  18. I think I have the same bag the girl in the first photo has…
    2nd photo: is that a velvetr blazer?

  19. Megss says:

    that jumpsuit is to die for

  20. Nicole says:

    The jumpsuite is gorgeous. I’m also totaly into animal prints at the moment.

  21. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!!! i would love to have the second girl’s outfit….(and legs!)

  22. super jumpsuit, looks so nice on her.

  23. Jack Daniel says:

    Perhaps I should not emigrate to Stockholm but to London…

  24. harps says:

    paisley + velvet = beauty. not keen on the first one, too much going on.

  25. Goldswan says:

    cette combinaison zèbre est à tomber par terre! j’en rêve !<3

  26. THE UNIQORN says:

    the second girl is just perfect!
    i love the whole outfit!
    she is sooooo lovely! wow….

  27. Allie says:

    AHHHHHH Who are those shoes??????!!!!!!!!! I must Know last PICTURE !!! The oxford flats, please….