LONDON – soho, 05/26/09

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  1. Awesome pics!
    Love her with her floppy hairband and just can’t believe you’ve come across this super dapper chap strolling past a door matching his shirt and bow’s colour scheme… Un vrai plaisir visuel, en tous cas.

  2. heathen says:

    Ooh, I love her all black look, especially the hairband with the flowery detail. Nice shots!

  3. Take a look at some Black Street Style in London,

  4. JamieDOTBall says:

    very great number 1. unusual colours that work

  5. blonde hair + black headband = GORGEOUS!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Anonymous says:

    thats actually nice yvan, who is that sexy modelesque girl and where is the afro guy??

    <3 sonia

  7. He’s got a great sence of style!

  8. Jack Daniel says:

    Her lips are delicious.

  9. diane says:

    OOOOO, what a cute looking man. I love his glasses, but his smile is the best.
    The girl looks great, even in a headband (they are so hard to wear).

  10. Jibril says:

    Wheres the AFRO guy? I wanna see his style.. x

  11. Anonymous says:

    After lots of thinking and comparing the styles found in other world cities, I’ve decided London has the best style.

  12. Laura says:

    Hah, that guy looks so cool!!

  13. MaxW says:

    Love his socks.

  14. Anna says:

    first pic – lovely!

  15. Elaine says:

    I LOVE his socks!! Reminds of little boys..

  16. Annie says:

    the last is definitely the best !

  17. -h says:

    he’s adorably dapper!

  18. kimvee says:

    I love the first look, he looks so stylish & very cute with the knee socks :)

  19. Carissa says:

    these two are formulaic in their style choices

  20. Chloe says:

    i like big frame of sunglasses, his is cool one, doll!

  21. kitty-san says:

    Love both styles!

  22. Love number 1 outfit from top to toe – great style :)

  23. Those pants he has on are very dandy inspired. Love his look very much! What a great photo. check out boho inspired life here:

  24. olivia. says:

    haha. oh benjamin. dapper. x

  25. this says:

    classic urkel

  26. oh london! so much interesting styles,
    varied, original, eccentric and, yes, swingin’!!!

  27. Erica Elan says:

    love the headband in the last pic!!!
    Need you in Chicago!
    stay chill.

  28. Matt Fox says:

    That guy is amazing!

  29. Weiwei says:

    that dude is awesome!