LONDON – marylebone & fitzrovia, 05/01/09

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  1. love the guy’s outfit

  2. lady#1 is a stunner from madison ave. ca 1964

  3. nana. says:

    last woman are amazing !

  4. Love the leggings, saw a similar or perhaps they’re from American Apparel?

  5. amalie says:

    the guy looks awesome,
    and love the last girls style.

  6. MaxW says:

    Great leggings but the legs looks larger, don’t they?

  7. harps says:

    the guy looks great. love the shaved hair and the tash

  8. Leonora Haig says:

    2nd man down is pretty Bowie-esque.

  9. i want the woman’s glasses
    magnificent shot.


  10. Malou says:

    I really love your stuff, particulary the guy’s picture !

  11. diane says:

    Holy sh*t, girl one! Best I’ve seen in a while. xo

  12. inspiration to shave the sides of my hair. nice.

  13. Jack Daniel says:

    He looks fantastic!

  14. JamieDOTBall says:

    lady number one is really working the past in a special way..really beautiful :)

  15. marie says:

    wow, the first one is beautiful!!! so hitchcock, rockin’ elegant

  16. I love the first pic, I wish I could go with one style like her.

  17. Hjördís says:

    Love the first girl. Very film noir.

    And thank you for this blog it´s great and gives me 1000 ideas.

  18. SandyandCo says:

    love your pictures !!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Love the green dress!

  20. HEK says:

    Te guy looks good, very cool!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The guy is way too gay-looking.

  22. Olviya says:

    love that david bowie looking guy

  23. Anonymous says:

    whoaaa that green dress!

  24. Morgan. V says:

    Love the last girl style

  25. BP says:

    the first girl, beautiful

  26. Eugh Im sooo tired of London streetstyle, and the woman above with fifty style does it. Move on woman, that is so passé and makes you think of wide asses and uncomfortable underwear…

  27. The Girl in the Green has Got it Going on!

    nice photography, btw.

  28. best looks in the last updates.

  29. girl in green is ringing my bell.

  30. Kiki says:

    I adore the green dress and the girl in it is the girl of my dreams: Will you marry me you stylish, foxy lady?

  31. Anonymous says:

    the guy looks like a band member of steed lord?

  32. Oh I love the glasses of the first lady! I totally want them! If anybody knows where to buy them, please tell me!

  33. Luísa says:

    H&M leggings!! i bought one of these two months ago and i can’t stop loving them. :)

  34. ersnsny says:

    I so wish I was out on that day!!!

  35. The first pic could be a still from Mad Men.

    Very Joan Holloway.