LONDON – cristina, white city, 05/05/09

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  1. amalie says:

    thats cool! love her boots :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    …and also a nix pix!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ja ja ja.. Give me them shoes! They’re absolutely stunning!

  4. Miann says:

    the only thing i like about this is her boots

  5. JamieDOTBall says:

    beautiful..sweet boots

  6. Me encantan esos botines!!!!

    Genial todas las fotos del blog. Las haces tú por la calle?

    Un beso!

  7. Ouch!!! In english it´s better, no?haha

    I love this boots!!! And all the pictures that you have in the blog. Are yours???


  8. MaxW says:

    Rockin’ fuckin’ roll!

  9. Those boots are to die for!

  10. It was lovely meeting you on Friday.. pretty good birthday present. I got a nice response from the rad pic i took of you! It’s not as good as your stuff though… not yet at least.

  11. S.I.Q. says:

    love it!
    the plaid is so london! :P

    -NEW Met Institute Gala photos

  12. Karoline says:

    I adore plaid shirts, and lovely boots!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would love you to come to the Venice Biennale during the week of June 3 for preview week!!!

  14. The AstroCat says:

    Like her boots.

    Very hip and cool

  15. plaid plaid plaid

    it’s all just

    blah blah blah

    to me.

  16. The Stylist says:

    great pic! love the pose and thats a badass outfit :)

  17. Wow…she’s stunning! And my favorite part is also the boots.

    For street fashion inspired illustrations, check out my blog!

  18. wonderful. not only the outfit, the picture is beautiful

  19. I agree with everyone else, great boots!

  20. diane says:

    It’s really hard to find a good plaid shirt that doesn’t look “old”. Her modern twist, pants & booties, is great.

  21. Isidor says:

    Loooooooove the boots.
    there is a little bit cowgirt over it… but still not

  22. Chloe says:

    Nice weather! Sunshine, I want to see the sun!! Havent seen it for days now!! Let it out LOL. I like her shirt! ;)

  23. mars says:

    i liked the shirt, its kinda grunge.

  24. Jack Daniel says:

    Who created the new logo??

    Nice pic, by the way. Cristina is beautiful!

  25. life coach says:

    I’ve just came across to your blog.
    Interesting blog!

  26. sura says:

    guapiiisima,que estilazo tiene buenos genes esta chica je,je.

  27. Nicolette says:

    Love the shoes on that!!

  28. flashflash says:

    beautiful cristina, inspiring as always…

  29. krisse+veera says:

    wow, the indian-inspired boots are the definition of cool <3


  30. i must say your horizontal pictures are always nice

  31. Love the boots with those tights…. It’s a weird/cool combination

  32. Morgan. V says:

    Very nice shirt
    and beautiful girl

  33. ct says:

    the shoes are killler !love them=)
    bonbon’s vintage

  34. Chiko says:

    nice photos .. nice boots too …
    totally rocks

  35. Sarah says:

    these are nice but we miss you here in cali :(

  36. Le Must Have says:

    so Rock n roll! Likey!

  37. love her boots…and the style…

  38. wonderful, I didn’t know such beautiful things could come out of White City. She’s an ambassador

  39. May Kasahara says:

    perfect shot. love her look.

  40. Anonymous says:

    This pic gives me such a nice feeling. awesome

  41. Podszewka says:

    I like this outfit ;-)

  42. sung says:

    beautiful, you have nice and long legs..