LONDON – brick lane market, 05/31/09

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  1. Laura says:

    Great set! Most of these are really amazing. I especially love the first one and the foral jumpsuit. Bravo!

  2. eugilicious says:

    you got beaten up? i hope it was one of those nice girls that wanted to kick ur ass :-D

  3. Emmy says:

    the first girl is so so so adorable! i love her sweater.

  4. M a z p e says:

    they all look so happy in their colors!

  5. Ashley says:

    The floral jumpsuit with the boots is a really cool fem/masc juxtaposition.

  6. FrannyG says:

    this again proves that london is the very best. x

  7. one two three

    boyish shoes, feminine clothes


  8. Anonymous says:

    The man with the hat is so charismatic! I won’t stop looking at the photo

  9. Which photo did you get in trouble for? The guitar guy?

  10. i love the first one. pure gold. dang i want to be photod as a trendster on brick lane. too bad im not trendy or on brick lane. come to broadway market!

  11. Rita says:

    First and third one = amazing!!!

  12. Gabrielle says:

    the floral jumpsuit is amazing. with the boots, it sort of looks like what peaceful people would wear to not fight a war.

  13. heathen says:

    i love the colors in the sweater of the first photo!

  14. Le Revoire says:

    the guy with the hat playing guitar is the only person that does not pose for a picture for free. So he says “oi! just took my’d best be paying for it or i’ll smash your face in.” And you say “Oh FUCK!”

  15. streetfancy says:

    I just love the first girl, her sweater, shoes,quirky smirk!

    As for the threat… I’m guessing one of the two:

    1, The girl in the floral jumpsuit seems like shes ready to kick some ass.

    2,the go below her, she looks like she might irritated…

  16. The Stylist says:

    …The girl almost beat you up because of this!!!???

    “Why are you taking a picture of my face if it’s for a fashion blog?”

  17. Jack Daniel says:

    How come all the girls look so cute? Congrats with finding Jimy Hendrix´s brother.

  18. ronya says:

    i have been there (brick lane)
    very lovely place

  19. Anonymous says:

    WOW, indeed there are such beautiful ladies especially in that series!! Really inspiring.

  20. nadine says:

    The first one!! and the floral jumpsuit. WOW.

  21. JamieDOTBall says:

    i love summer legs and i love number one. i love. love.

  22. Anonymous says:

    almost beat you??

  23. Lauren says:

    that one guy is rocking the top hat. totally awesome.

  24. TheLazyOnes says:

    yay for big pictures!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where the shoes are from in the last photo – they are gorgeous…

  26. CamissLee says:

    When you will come to see us in Brasil? or better, when you will have an associate here? I like your blog very much. It’s amazing looks and pictures. I live in Porto Alegre/RS. We ‘gauchos’ have a peculiar style!

    You must to see!

  27. Slimbykings says:

    Look number one and look number four, specially number one, are greater than great!

  28. diane says:

    Yea for bright colors and unusual prints! Well done Yvan. xo d

  29. They all’ve got really great styles!

  30. harps says:

    wow I love the girl in the floral jumpsuit and army boots. great look

  31. Gaia says:

    love the shoes on the first and second pic.

  32. danilo says:

    I like to think the first girl just sat there on the sidewalk all day. Very cute

  33. Carlos says:

    hendrix lives! gotta love that guy.

  34. Isidor says:

    This IS London. Great style and great people.

    I miss London

  35. what a lovely way to end May!

    I can´t wait for June:)

  36. Elise says:

    Wow, quite the impressive collection here.

  37. girl on top…she’s the one who tried to beat you up, she has that expression…and she probably tried to hug you afterwards

  38. Mack. says:

    love the first and third!

  39. They all are so great. Were do you find these people?

  40. Nicole says:

    The first two girls are amazing. Great looks.

  41. Loraine says:

    Whoa, that flower jumpsuit looks so wonderful. I want those shoes too ;/

  42. great styles, love the jumpsuit!!

  43. Fannah says:

    jumpsuits! florals! dresses! i’m ready for summer?

    ..the most adorable, but warm, sweater? ducks! ah well.

  44. Style-Sphere says:

    Floral jumpsuit.That girl has serious attitude.Love it

  45. Daisy says:

    such pretty and cute outfits!

  46. Miss 797 says:

    wooowww love all pic`s !!