LONDON – brick lane market, 05/03/09

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  1. wish i could make it down for the brick lane market stalls. damn working on a sunday

  2. sparklygrey says:

    good hunt!

    espo liking the combo of litle black dress and a suit :)


  3. j adore brick lane market !

  4. Anonymous says:

    the last girl is gorgeous !

  5. boubou says:

    aww i recognize thomas !! the first photo ! i ve met him once haha that is so weird !


  6. Taylor says:

    that last girl–what a stunner! from the hair to the dress to the jacket and the sleeves… ♥♥

  7. diggin the fish. and the cute girl in the black dress.

  8. Jack Daniel says:

    I like the sweaterscarf of the guy in the first picture.
    Who´s the cutie in the last? She looks half / half. :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    What is the fish? I love the jacket, trousers, hait, hair-style, and bag. I do not love the the scarf thing, it really un-balances the flow of his outfit and draws your attention away from the rest of it.

  10. diane says:

    Oh honey, please don’t be mad, but the first guy reminds me of Pinocchio. I could hardly take my eyes off of the artist though.

  11. liana says:

    love the second!
    hat, sunnies and scarf :)

  12. catherine says:

    the last pic is my favourite, love the mood and the trendy look.

  13. JamieDOTBall says:

    great fish..great satchel number 1 wins it pour moi!

  14. Mery says:

    love the last one

  15. OHWOW the last girl…thin is always in, isn’t it? i mean look at her lovely pipe-cleaner legs and sticky-outy knees.

    the fish is magic though…what on earth is he doing wandering around with a fish?

  16. Isidor says:

    nice nice nice!
    Come to CPH soon.. We miss you

  17. Anonymous says:

    who’s this mougli?

  18. Benno says:

    Brick Lane ist das geilste Viertel in London !!
    Und Spitalfields market ein muss!!

  19. andrea says:

    the first guy looks kinda wierd

  20. Vanamo says:

    YAY that last girl is so cute !

  21. Anonymous says:

    i actually know that girl she goes to my school she really is that thin!

  22. julia says:

    the first guy is rawr

  23. Jenny says:

    The last girl’s broach accessory on her blazer is looovely!

  24. love the girl with the black dressvery trendy :]

  25. Anonymous says:

    your blog! it is pure inspiration.
    thank you facehunter, sir! londoners…everlasting style creativity

  26. Morgan. V says:

    The last girl is very nice
    love her style
    loving <3

  27. bubblebee says:

    Si tu as l’occasion, viens donc faire un saut à Montréal!! Je serais très curieuse de voir les spécimens d’outfits and people que tu nous trouverais!

  28. ... says:

    I just <3love<3 brick lane….so much to see and do

    Great find

    ~~So is your Face~~

  29. YuriNakamura says:

    nice photos.
    the last girl is real pretty

  30. Anonymous says:

    non, moche.

  31. Kirsty says:

    i love the last girl!

  32. I realy like all of these shots…the first guy is really cool…but does he seriously walk around with a clanking wooden fish tied to his neck? That’s gotta be annoying!

  33. amazing, seriously!
    this is so wonderful

  34. Ricardo says:

    Amy whinehouse

  35. the pretty, skinny girl in black in the last photo should really be a model

  36. Anonymous says:

    trop maigre …

  37. MetrA "L4L" says:

    Last girl really cool hunt :)


  38. Podszewka says:

    I like the last girl ;-)

  39. Anonymous says:

    The last girl should really start eating, that looks unhealthy!! I know it’s generation ‘no breast’ but her head looks huge compared to her skinny 7-year old boy body..why don’t you guys realize this??!

  40. Arpita says:

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