BUDAPEST – double-shirt-dress, lánchíd, 05/07/09

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  1. Her boots are magical

    Her shoulder blades are lovely

  2. Ediot says:

    the second picture is absolutely divine. i love it. so summery

  3. Jack Daniel says:

    It´s going to be a trend: wearing big shirts as a dress!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Quién creó esta idea debe estar en el negocio, y si no lo está porfa vor que comience! Quiero ese vestido! Lo necesito en mi armario.

  5. wow! what a lovely lovely set of blue pictures. the double shirt dress,what a concept

  6. how unique and creative! i must try this!

  7. mars says:

    wow, she must be such a creative girl. i wouldnt made up sth like that even if my life depend on it .__.
    i’ll copy her style for the next spring (here is autumn now)

  8. diane says:

    Oh Yvan, what a beautiful girl, and you are so lucky to be able to photograph her. These photos are top grade.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oohh Yvan, second picture is amazing! Congrats

  10. Emz says:

    Oh I love that dress! It’s so summery =)

  11. JamieDOTBall says:

    unusual and beautiful! i love budapest

  12. flóra says:

    i love hungary

  13. Ambiguous says:

    new logo! FINALLY. no offense, but that other one was so worn out . .

    that is a cool idea for a dress. nice. like it.

  14. coco says:

    I adore the second picture

  15. Hej.
    jag hoppas du kan hjälpa mej.
    Jag startade för 4 dagar sen min dröm resa.
    Hoppet om att få mitt bröllop.
    Hur jag och min kille vänder och vrider på det får vi inte ekonomin till att spara ihop till bröllopet vi önskar så igår startade jag Bröllopsbloggen.
    Där hoppas jag på allt stöd ifrån allt och alla så kanske kanske jag kan få mitt bröllop innan sommarens slut.
    Du kanske kan hjälpa mej med att ta upp min blogg i ett inlägg, ihop om att få flera läsare att hitta till mej så min dröm kan gå i uppfyllelse?
    Snälla lägg till mej på bloglovin
    hjälp kärleken vinna

    1000 kramar till dej

    På bara 4 dagar har jag tusentals besökare och många vill hjälpa till hoppas på ditt stöd

  16. The second picture is great!

  17. This is not the style of Budapest…
    you don’t see girls like this on the streets:S

  18. LauraHelen says:

    reminds me of Alice in Wonderland gone grunge haha and those boots are gorgeous

  19. Kristen says:

    I am definitly going to test drive this look for myself.

  20. Meta says:

    I love her dress!

  21. norawoah says:

    this is brilliant!

  22. MaxW says:

    The back of the dress is fab.

  23. Olviya says:

    interesting construction

  24. Romi says:

    I love what she did with those shirts! I had seen shirts worn as skirts but never as dresses.
    Love your work!!!

  25. nyerw says:

    Bonnie: yes, we cannot see girls like her in Budapest. i’m sure she’s is a foreigner :(

  26. Rilla says:

    This is sytle and creativity, gathered in one great outfit!

  27. 2 shirts = one dress! AMAZING!

  28. Anonymous says:

    i love the parliament between her legs

  29. wow wonderful summer wear and that boots are offering killer looks!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I love that this picture is taken from behind and that her shoulder blades really comes in focus!

  31. Morgan. V says:

    Nice dress !
    the second picture is great