ÅRHUS – bright colours, spot festival, day 2 & 3, 05/22-23/09

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  1. Lucky girl says:

    I love the girl in yellow skirt!Beauty!

  2. Atiqah says:

    Ooh bright colours! I like! Especially when it’s paired with other more ‘muted’ pieces

  3. nadine says:

    woooop! love the pink dress mother made.

  4. Cox says:

    how amazing is the first girl!

  5. i feel only the bottom one looks natural, th others look a bit like “today i am doing colours”,

    whereas the bottom one is more like today i got dressed and my trousers happened to be a great colour, without colour being the whole point of the outfit,

    so the bottom one for me is more elegant, and the other two seem a bit “overstated”, or something.

  6. The first pic is great, hot pink is one of my favourite colours!

  7. She’s hot!! Me likey x

  8. I love seeing all these colours!
    Lucy =)

  9. O-Ren says:

    last pic is very very nice!

  10. Jack Daniel says:

    The girl with the yellow skirt is probably dutch….

  11. the girl in yellow just made my day.glowing with happiness !designer/ builder thoms grayling

  12. andrea says:

    love the bright colors

  13. funkyluv says:

    girl in yeallo skirt so pretty!!!

  14. Love the two first pictures. love the dress, the hair, everything!

  15. TEXTSTYLES says:

    that first is accomplished. quite beautiful.


  16. Morgan. V says:

    Love the blond girl.
    Really beautiful…

  17. JamieDOTBall says:

    brilliant skirt yellows a great colour all year!

  18. Not so sure about the blue half mast trousers. Yellow skirts nice.

  19. The girl in the yellow skirt is rather nice, not bothered wheter she is Dutch or French or Swedish, I would still love to take her for a drink or two and discuss some lovely fashion tips.

  20. The Stylist says:

    I love the last girl!

  21. Florence says:

    ah! the pink colour, amazing, bounces off her!


  22. arteydespues says:

    love the yellow skirt!!

  23. diane says:

    I think the girl in the first photo is making a face like her hair is wrapped too tight.

  24. restiii says:

    the second girl’s outfit is outstanding! breathtaking, indeed

  25. Nicole says:

    The bright pink is great but my favorite ist the yellow skirt.

  26. grace e. says:

    Pink is not one of my favorite colors but I love the shade the girl in the first phot is wearing. It plays so elegantly with the gray. I think I’m going to try it :)


  27. Ashley says:

    Love the jewel tones. The fuschia dress against all black is so bold.


  28. love the shocking pink girl

  29. Margarita says:

    i keep noticing that buns are extremely popular. i haven’t seen the trend catch sf though.

  30. Fannah says:

    a top knot! since Rebecca did a post on it I love them.. and I love bright colors too so this post is, well, lovely :)

  31. Danielle says:

    i am smitten with that pink frock…dear god.

  32. That first girl is amaxing. I love her clothes, the pink colour, the cut in the clothes, just pefect.

  33. May Kasahara says:

    It’s like CMYK!!

  34. Suzanne says:

    love the thirdone! it’s tough, but chic! nice, the yellow accent.

  35. Josefine says:

    The first girls outfit was amazing! You know what, I saw an documentary about you today! :>