LOS ANGELES – miracle mile & silverlake, 04/21/09

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  1. Silverlake girl’s dress is beautiful! =)

  2. Ediot says:

    beautiful girl in a lovely dress

  3. Andrea says:

    Very beautiful!
    Please take a look at: http://andreamecaccistyle.blogspot.com/
    Thank you!!!

  4. Marie says:

    Love the dress!

  5. Mack. says:

    love her dress!

  6. That dress is amazing. I love the pattern.

  7. i like his portrait, a lot.

    no need to talk about her lovelyness, beauty or elegance:)

  8. Morgan. V says:

    Pretty girl in a nice dress and i like the shirt of the man.

    Come everybody on :

  9. amazing shots!! Amazed to see there’s not a single clouds in LA?

  10. Holy crap Yvan, you were at my apartment complex……

  11. wolfer says:

    beautiful as always, she is such a great model ever since I scouted her in 2004.

  12. Miann says:

    I want a closer look at her shoes

  13. laraspermata says:

    awesome prints!! the girl is so beautiful!!!

  14. that girl is gorgeous,

  15. diane says:

    My god, are you still in L.A.? I’ve been on va-ca and back, and you are still out there? Lucky lad. O.k., whatever, the girl on the fire hydrant is lovely.

  16. grace e. says:

    Amazing glasses!

  17. ISTANBUL FAN says:

    this young lady looks beautiful…i’d like to date!

  18. ISTANBUL FAN says:

    I’d like to date with beautifully dressed young lady!

  19. Jack Daniel says:

    Great looking man and a beautiful lady.

  20. Gaia says:

    love these!

  21. OOOOOhhh I want the same dress!!!! :-)

    Kisses from Paris!



  22. The Stylist says:

    After Venice beach, I hope you make it to Melrose and Robertson ave in LA. You should also make a trip to San Diego and visit Hillcrest, there are great vintage stores and stylish peeps.

    I will be in the fashion district tomorrow snapping shots…


  23. MaxW says:

    Those glasses and those heels are spectacular.

  24. christopher says:

    dear man with the cool glasses. you are awesome. that is all.

  25. Karoline says:

    HELLO!Everyone is taving about the girl- but that guy is seriously handsome! yes please! And his glasses are insanely great!

  26. J says:

    Your photographs are getting better.

  27. great sunny photos. the light is amazing on both sets.

    hmmmnnn…miracle mile vs silverlake
    i’m voting for miracle mile!

  28. nicholas says:

    someone has to stop the red dress girl from SERRVING so hard, she about to break the lens! tha’ waistline! I CANTTTTT

  29. Style-Sphere says:

    The plane print is ace

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sael! i love her! while in philadelphia i slept in her bed once when i had no where to live! kisses! xoxo-brett

  31. absolutely love these two outfitts! just perfect in there own way…

    thanks for your blog! really cool photos!


  32. Kaedon says:

    A simple and integlilent point, well made. Thanks!