LOS ANGELES – cc, mid-city, 04/15/09

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  1. wow!wOW!!WOW!!!
    the third shot is fantastic

  2. Nikita says:

    Love the energy


  3. i thought it was a dress at first, but that is one crazy romper!

  4. This is super couture!!!!

    I put all my ♥ on it!

  5. Rita says:

    She has a fantastic body and haircut. The third shot is one of my favorites ever.

  6. Anonymous says:

    VA VA WOOM! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. WOW great romper, I love the third shot! What a great girl, she has so much energy!

  8. i have to say WOW! i absolutely adore her look and these photos.

  9. Tessi says:

    LOVE the last photo!

  10. nora maryll says:

    white wild funky undressed dressy something

  11. xoxoress says:

    Who is that dress by? Looks like the Jill Sander.

    Where in LA are you going to be before you head to Coachella?

  12. Anonymous says:

    cc sheffield from le rev! she is so inspiring! this might be my fave pictures yet!

  13. Phuongalong says:

    Clothes that come to life with movement!!


  14. this is great!
    How long are you staying in LA?

  15. Kathy says:

    Love the las photo, it is awesome!

  16. Robin says:

    quite fantastic Yvan. it’s shots like this that compensate for the returned rain in a grey london soho. it reiterates my yearning for spring brightness.
    keep it up, see you around

  17. dancing all over the world.
    dancing the mess around.

  18. tamsin says:

    i don’t think i’ve ever wanted to be anyone as badly as i want to be that girl…swooshy swoosh!

  19. Felix says:

    Gorgeous. She looks like the perfect being with tentacles all over her body which will suck the energy out of you…

  20. amazing! love her haircut and the energy in that pictures.

  21. Elly + Yin says:

    whooow*…I’m having a bit of de ja vu! I JUST posted something similar to this on my blog! In WHITE!

    The last picture is like the fashionable approach of a squid. =)
    LOVE it!


  22. Katie says:

    extraordinary :)

  23. Anonymous says:

    CC Sheffield from Le Rev and what not. I don’t like her for some reason.

  24. kaja says:

    great great great!

  25. MaxW says:

    Top two are gorgeous!

  26. junglesiren says:

    If you’re in L.A. you should go to Farmers’ Market tonight. There’s a party for a book opening and you’ll get the full spectrum of L.A. dressing.

  27. Anonymous says:

    gorgeous photos

  28. Anonymous says:

    a total sweetheart

  29. mercyx says:

    yay U.S.! west coast! you’ll have some amaaaaaazing pics from coachella i’m sure. <3

  30. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! How wild does this dress look!!!! I love it!!! :-)

    Kisses from Paris!



  31. Will says:

    I saw you and this girl at cha cha lounge in silverlake on tuesday…her and i met eyes a couple times but that was probably me hallucinating…

  32. A** says:

    Love your blog!!!

  33. Brenda says:

    so great! thanks for photographing this.

  34. PLATFORM says:

    You’ve outdone yourself. This is what perfection looks like.


  35. Nicole Then says:

    wow, amazing shots!

  36. Jack Daniel says:

    Wow, Yvan….great pics! I didn’t knew you were in LA?!

  37. Nhat Vo says:

    so over the top. gotta love it.
    -Nhat Vo

  38. Olviya says:

    she is just gorgeous!!!
    and no more comments)

  39. Laura says:

    Love it, this photos look so fierce ;)
    keep up the good work!
    x Laura

  40. catherine says:

    love the style. Looks the same on madama figaro french magazine, good trend and fun

  41. amalie says:

    Wooow! love the last shot!

  42. Gaia says:

    love theese pics!

  43. Anonymous says:

    there is people more interesting in LA than CC even if she is a sweetie…
    enjoy it…

  44. Tyra:D says:

    Lovely girl in a fantastic dress! I love your blog and you take som amzing photos of increadable people :D

  45. Eligijus says:

    gorgeous girl. but shoes… no no no. she could choose louboutins or smth like that.

  46. YovoMaltine says:

    gorgeous dress, gorgeous girl, great poses, great light. I’m a fan!

  47. Leigh says:

    FRINGE fantastic!!! xoxox

  48. ILook says:

    Wow! Amazing shots!

  49. Chickygirl says:

    So wonderful dress

  50. Where can I buy that romper? :O

  51. JT says:

    I love this fringing, very Jil Sander SS09.. those boots detract from the overall look a little though.

  52. freestyler says:

    amazing. absolutely loving it.

  53. NavyLee says:

    haha, great dress in great pics!

  54. Beautiful shots…love the dress, love the shoes, love the hair. Why does it all work so well? It. Just. Does.

  55. 1314 says:

    Beautiful girl, marvellous dress and awesome shots!