LONDON – soho, covent garden & fitzrovia, 04/08/09

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  1. Karoline says:

    I loved the shoes to the first woman, and the last woman was so incredible cuuute:)

  2. Kleeblatt says:

    love the two last pictures

  3. Oh, i love the second look.

  4. elles sont belles
    demain matin je pars a londres
    j ai hate d y etre !

  5. JamieDOTBall says:

    last girl wonderful thumbs up

  6. PLATFORM says:

    First and second look are best. Other two are too over the top.

  7. the backcombed hair on the last look was amazing. She looks almost post-romantic. I want to try and include some street style on my blog! Salon Business!

  8. super cute head band in the third photo!! :-)

    Kisses from Paris!


  9. the scond and the last are amazing! , all pics are cute, as always! :)

  10. Kirsty says:

    I love the second and third look!

  11. cable_zombie says:

    Ooh the bag in the last photo is like a darker version of the one in Tara’s Etsy shop ( As if I didn’t want it enough already!

  12. C&S's says:

    j’aime beaucoup tes photos, elle sont très bien prise. Les personnes phtographie sont très bien choisie, la petite fleur, le collant ou encor ce slim rouge sont parfait! BRAVO!!!!

  13. fashionETC. says:

    ooo, the bag on last photo is amazzing!!

  14. Sana says:

    the best is the second look

  15. diane says:

    I don’t know why those tights work so well in the last shot, but they totally do. Good stalking today Sparky. xo

  16. Felix Louis says:

    i like your picts man!
    buena suerte!

  17. Pooja says:

    love the last two!

  18. Jack Daniel says:

    Great looking ladies!

  19. The second picture is gorgeous
    love the yellow, it compliments her outfit very well.

  20. i think i love this blog more and more everyday. i found something to love in all 4 photos.

  21. Sarah says:

    Love the girl with the flower! A nice look for spring!

  22. oh dear, I need to work on my working out how to comment!
    I think I might have left a private comment- meant to make it public.
    Anyhoo,here goes again: I photographed the third girl, Dasha, as well! She is beautiful,non?
    Loving your style hunting work, as always

  23. Anonymous says:

    Where can I find shoes like on the first photo? Love them!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    love the headband!

  25. ou ou ou Nora says:

    Oh no I thought all the dark material on the 4th girl was oppressive. TOO ‘retro’