LONDON – soho, 04/10/09

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  1. Pascal Grob says:

    oh, I like the layers of the girl and that tshirt

  2. amalie says:

    love the girls outfit.
    and is that hophophop i see around the guys neck? x

  3. Boy in the second picture is wearing amazing necklases!

  4. the boy is great! and the girl tshirt too

  5. diane says:

    Leggings are not pants. She is really cute, though.
    That guy’s necklace really makes his outfit.

  6. jeffhahn says:

    shes amazing.. fuck yeah!!!!

  7. i would def wear something like the first girl.

  8. MonkAre says:

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  9. Jack Daniel says:

    That girl is so lovely!

  10. J.P. says:

    i love the idea of boys wearing bow-necklaces.

    too cute for words.

  11. J.P. says:

    i love the idea of boys wearing delicate bow-necklaces

    too cute.

  12. i like her shoes. Very lovely.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. closeup says:

    love the woman’s shirt!

  14. nana. says:

    i love that girl ! she’s look amazing.

  15. Casey says:

    bow necklace is genius!

  16. violetville says:

    love the hoodie under the shrunken blazer…

  17. Nikyta says:

    england is great for fashion- like in birmingham,uk they’re are so many styles that its candy for the eyes

  18. Alice says:

    eeeeh, his necklace is so cute! :)