REYKJAVIK – nordic fashion biennale, 03/27/09

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  1. M A Z P E says:

    they really have a particular style, not afraid to mix.

  2. Olviya says:

    gorgeous pink sweater (Sonia Rikel)?

  3. Aava says:

    The girls have lovely shoes!adorable:)

  4. rita says:

    especioally the first… great!

  5. That guy is a real icelander :)

  6. diane says:

    Are heavy, “bunchy” tights a trend? I love the first two girls, they both look warm, but colorful too.

  7. JamieDOTBall says:

    i love iceland so much..theyll try anything and pull it off!

  8. Robine says:

    They all have their own style. Nice to see that. Cool pictures btw!

  9. Lucky girl says:

    Love the second guy!!

  10. Jack Daniel says:

    Islandic peeps are looking really gooood!

  11. Jimena says:

    great clothes …love the sweater :)

  12. adah says:

    the boy is smoking is cool and

  13. Anonymous says:

    oh they are so wonderful and stylish! :)

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    The shoes in the first picture are from a label called KRONKRON, kronkron is a clothes and shoes store. They made a collection of BEAUTIFUL shoes!
    Come to Iceland!!

  16. Familiar, lovely faces. Kron Kron peeps, the beautiful d-j/guitar player at Kaff Bar. Thank you for posting.