PARIS – le marais & rue st-honoré, 03/02/09

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  1. Lucky girl says:

    Erin is impeccable.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have had a crush on Erin for years… amazing!

  3. Brigadeiro says:

    You met Erin!!! She looks gorgeous here! As does the first girl, love her outfit, and the fact she’s standing in front of a gorgeous boulangerie in Marais, my favourite arrondissement in Paris!

  4. Carlotta says:

    Erin is gorgeous!!

  5. grace e. says:

    Both girls exude the effortlessness I absolutely love! Trés belle :)

  6. Marylou says:

    Erin est magnifique !

  7. Chloe says:

    Erin! that’s so cooL!!!

  8. JamieDOTBall says:

    i love paris. i love #2. its all so suave theres just something in the air there i guess :)

  9. Nat&Dieg says:

    hahahahaaha following models from country to country,….mmmm put me on the links …!!!

  10. diane says:

    Ah, very inspirational; I love both of these beautiful, fashionable girls.
    The boulangerie is making me hungry. xo

  11. martin says:

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  12. coco says:

    Erin looks really good I need round glasses…

  13. Anonymous says:

    First one, she looks likes Eva Green in “The Dreamers”!

  14. alice says:

    amazing again!

  15. Anonymous says:

    the first girl is the best, her face is perfect

  16. miss a. says:

    I love the shoulders. Both girls have some shoulder pads… I’m assuming that this is an indication that I need some.

  17. Laura. says:

    Erin’s jacket is beautiful.
    You’ve really captured a great moment here…

  18. MaxW says:

    Nice face hunting.

  19. catherine says:

    erin is so beautiful and great model, love the pic and the style.

  20. Jack Daniel says:

    Ain’t Erin Wasson a cutie?

  21. norawoah says:

    hey Erin Wasson, love yer hair did.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Erin j’adore!!!

  23. Atiqah says:

    Oooh love the first girl’s jacket and the blue-grey combination!

  24. Miriam says:

    ohh i love both of the darls jackets!!

  25. Victoria says:

    Awesome encounter! I love when models can dress off the runways.

  26. Gaia says:

    LOVE erins outfit.

  27. Juliet says:

    So cool!

    juliet xxx

  28. Kajsa says:

    I love it! Erin is just wonderful.

  29. Marineb says:


    Je sais pertinemment que mon commentaire ne sera pas lu car il y en a bien trop mais c’est amusant de suivre un blog depuis ses tout débuts, de partager la même passion que le créateur et de croiser par un bel après midi de Mars et par le plus grand des hasard ce fameux Ivan R., qui nous fait rêver et voyager avec ses si jolies photos, sortant d’une petite boulangerie Boulangerie du Marais en dévorant une viennoiserie ignorant totalement que deux jeunes parisiennes, sur le trottoir d’en face, ont reconnu ce visage si atypique.
    Ces petits rien qui égaient une journée.

    Bonne continuation.

  30. Aurore says:

    I was thinking “God! She looks like Erin!” … Perfect style!

  31. They look gorgeous! And how I wish I was in the Marais too…

  32. Isidor says:

    I think I have seen this before

  33. WTF says:

    Erins defintely threatening to steal Kate’s crown as the queen of effortlessly cool

  34. Anonymous says:

    but erin looks sooo much older than she does in shoots/on the catwalk/in society shots?? she could be early 30s there!!

  35. Love yout blog. Its so nice to see people well dressed in the street. The first girl is very stylish in my opinion. I be she does not work to hard to dress like that, she just have a good fashion sense…

  36. very cool girls, love the round glasses.

  37. Natasha says:

    I absolutly lover their style! so chic

  38. Red, white and blue – very Paris! Very French! Love these outfits!

  39. wITch girls says:

    we’re digging wasson!

  40. Joyce says:

    both looks are tres chic. perfection down to the details!

  41. Camilla says:

    These girls´jackets are perfect. LOVE!
    Erins is gorgeous.

  42. Florent says:

    Géniales, surtout la 2ème d’entre elles : j’adore ces femmes qui savent se rendre intelligemment belles : elle est trop belle, et en plus elle a l’air géniale…

    Florent –

  43. SORRY ART says:

    I love love erin!
    i need to paint her..

  44. Anonymous says:

    Erin is gorgeous. I love her style.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Cool clothes, but stop poiting your lips like that. It will not make them more lucious… :)

  46. fauzan says:

    i like your creation,, maybe sometimes give me triks and tips