PARIS – fashion week aw 09/10 prêt-à-porter, day 3, 03/06/09

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  1. Aava says:

    absolutely LOVE all of them. lovelovelove!

  2. Lucky girl says:

    The last guy is the most extravagant.If I met him on the street i would keep staring at him and at his awesome green shoes.

  3. JamieDOTBall says:

    wowow lots of blue is nice. the last guy is awesome / looks like he should be in mwY! brilliant

  4. Marcel says:

    I love the first girl, she’s cool.

  5. Anonymous says:

    guy in black is just great.

  6. Pimpumpam says:

    Again Simon !!! So cool!

  7. Just me says:

    Ohhhh georgeus the women on the fisrt picture…just amazing!!

  8. MaxW says:

    Who’s gonna pick her up when she falls?

  9. Karin says:

    I just have to ask, have you seen this?

    Haha. Like your blog anyway.

  10. Yoshi says:

    I wish I had the guts of the first girl. So much layering!!

  11. Isidor says:

    The guys are awesome. I don’t know about the first girl, maybe. The second girl are cute. But all in all are they great

  12. Jack Daniel says:

    interesting. really!

  13. diane says:

    They are all really nice, but the first one made me feel so excited. The fluidity of that outfit is awe inspiring!

  14. Lina Sivula says:

    We’re all waiting for the pics from today…

  15. G says:

    last look is so fantastic. i think this man works for vibskov or something..lovelovelove that series

  16. PoIsOn MaRy says:

    those skinny pants in the second pic …reminds me of my brother’s friend … very androgyne …

  17. Sewon says:

    I think you really captured the first girl’s confidence. I love the way she’s standing.

  18. Carlotta says:

    I love the outfit of the uy with the blue blazer amazing!!

  19. layers on first pic is amazing!!

  20. YovoMaltine says:

    the second guy (3rd pic from the top) his name is simon and he is from denmark. already spotted him on another site.

  21. amanda says:

    love the floral blouse on the second girl, and the glasses. Brilliant!

  22. Hyakoukoune says:

    La première toph est sublime !!

  23. FiFFiLURiGT. says:

    love the last one!

  24. DIRK DIGGLER says:

    That last guy is so fucking adorable!

  25. The first guy has a touch of Jack Sparrow in him:)
    Great pictures, I’ve been following this site for a long time! Thank for the inspiration!

  26. Olviya says:

    i like those wide leg blue pants

  27. Anonymous says:

    everybody smoke in Paris :)