PARIS – fashion week aw 09/10 prêt-à-porter, day 1, 03/04/09

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  1. Anonymous says:

    shoes are totally darkness!

  2. Brigadeiro says:

    Cool suit & shoes!

  3. Cassiopeia says:

    great shapes and shades! loving the killer shoes xxxc

  4. JamieDOTBall says:

    those shoes! theyre monsters that perhaps even the spice girls would be proud of? is this good a good thing?

  5. Anonymous says:

    hate those shoes! hate all wedge heels. They are NOT sexy.

  6. Jack Daniel says:

    She looks like she just came from a runway.

    I like it that you are THE ONLY ONE of all the streetstyle websites that takes pictures in the night…


  7. coco says:

    I loooooove these shoes!

  8. alice says:

    too big shoes. don’t like it!

  9. Camilla says:

    These shoes are awsome. I love it.

  10. Those shoes are incred!!!!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

  11. Anonymous says:

    fashionable maybe
    ugly definitely..

    but that’s my personal opinion really.

  12. Isidor says:

    There is something about the shoes. I could never wear these. I live in flats

  13. Isidor says:

    But I don’t know what I think about them. Love or hate?

  14. Now that is something…The combination of huge wedge heels and suit is so, how to say it, too much, that it’s almost cool. Almost.

  15. Kajsa says:

    The shoes are AWESOME!

  16. norawoah says:

    Don’t you-
    step on my Blue Suede shoes-


  17. diane says:

    Everything she is doing compliments those shoes. Great simple lines, monotone colors, awesome cheeky bangs, and great lips.

  18. Olviya says:

    adorable boots!!!!

  19. bec says:

    want those shoes. been lookin all over for really HIGH heel wedge shoes, but all of them are just to loew for me. there would be perfect. cool!

  20. Aava says:

    Amazing shoes!

  21. COCOLAH NYC says:

    ooooh the SHOOOOOOES!

  22. MaxW says:

    Almost sci-fi futuristic boots/heels.

  23. streetfancy says:

    I love, not only the shape of those shoes but the suede texture and color also! Awesome shot!

    Briana Mooney

  24. M says:

    Amazing shoes!

  25. aya says:

    I would die for those shoes and I want to die in those shoes!

  26. I just adore the shoes!

  27. Alpha Vomero says:

    those shoes and those bangs! large and short! I love it.

  28. Zara says:

    those shoes are like a work of art!

  29. haylin says:

    killer runway look!

  30. omg!!!
    why i love that woman?
    she’s very confident and her whole outfit is very stylish. loving the shoe-essss. just wondering who’s the designer of those shoesss!

    i’m an new blogger. would love to exchange link with you.

  31. Miriam says:

    THE SHOES ARE THE REAL SHIT! hhaha i absolutely love them!!!

  32. so amazing.
    brill from head to toe.

  33. Florenz says:

    I would break my ankles wearing those shoes =P

  34. Deborah says:

    OMG THOSE SHOES ARE AWESOME! I bet if I ever wore them I’d be falling all over myself though :/ lol


  35. adah says:

    she’s beautiful!,love her hair!cool shapes she’s so graphic and misterious.

  36. adah says:

    she’s beautiful, i lovev her hair!
    she’s so graphic and misterious

  37. May Kasahara says:

    god those heels are so epiccccc * * *

  38. Anonymous says:

    That is a runway look from Osman Yousefzada a/w09 from London. Love the jacket and shoes!!

    She looks really utopian in the whole outfit.

  39. D. says:

    What fierce shoes!