LONDON – soho, 02/11/09

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  1. The fourth’s photo’s bag is the incarnation of my deeper fashion phantasms !

  2. agus says:

    Beautiful colours, so fresh and full of inspirations!

  3. Aava says:

    I absolutely love the guy with the green jeans. His bag is very cute and his jacket is adorable and his face…so lovely:)

  4. diane says:

    1. Easy smile, pretty scarf
    2. Glove love
    3. Must have shoes
    4. Peter Pan all grown up
    5. Big scarf – tiny scarf, decide.

  5. eve says:

    that 2nd pic’s girl looks amazing :o

  6. cuteseas says:

    the mj love story bag *sigh*

  7. Flavor says:

    La deuxième photo est géniale…


  8. JamieDOTBall says:

    alll brilliant..i especially like the green trousers i wish i dared myself. Also #1 is sporting a great look (especially scarf). Some subdued looks that work well and suit their wearers also..which is important :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love london!!!
    also, the last picture: her hands are incredibly beautiful! great colors, too. like a classical painting

  10. Anonymous says:

    london = real, genuine personal style

  11. OH I call the 2nd one as my favorite !! lovely

  12. Deborah says:

    Lovely pictures, as always :) What I love the most about their outfits are all the little details and their amazing accessories. So cute!


  13. Is that red bag the amazing marc jacobs one???!!! I’m obsessed with it or anything that looks like it!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Atenea says:

    The first man has a funny face :) I like the gray gloves of the second girl and the bag with hearts of the other, I watched this bag in other colours in Polyvore.

  15. Jack Daniel says:

    I think it would’ve fainted if I ever saw the first girl of this post in real life.

  16. sthlmstreets says:

    Sorry but my pic on girl nr 2 is much better :P check my blog to see it…

    But still… LOVE UR PHOTOS!

  17. Yoji says:

    What do you ask them when you want to take a pic?

  18. Kiv says:

    Wow, I love #1! just black and grey and red but it looks so fresh!

  19. TEXTSTYLES says:

    so much inspiration


  20. Brigadeiro says:

    The girl on the steps is too cute! Love her shoes!

  21. Little one says:

    The guy in the top photo is such a cutie-pie ^__^

  22. HEK says:

    Girl no 2 is pretty, and off course the one with the Marc Jacobs bag.

    We have Oslo Fashion Week going on here now, please stop by my blog for the updates:)

  23. I like the styles of the first 2 ladies.

  24. my, oh my! says:

    I love how everyone is smiling in these pictures! Very bright and cherry!

  25. STYLE DE VIE says:

    Beautiful mix of colors. I specially like the beige + marron + grey…the first, second and last photos mix these colors in the same way! In my opinion the maroon color is perfect to give a touch to the outfit in winter, and not to be dresses always in total black or grey!

    Style de Vie

  26. 2nd from top: Burgundy. Hot. Leggings. Double Hot. Bag. You get it.

  27. Those sweatshirts looks adorable, but it’s near spring time now so get ready to post new trends =)

  28. These guys all look really fun! They all seem to be rockin a totally unique piece each! Lovin the first guys scarf!

    Fashbashsoundclash X

  29. Dori says:

    oh boiii i cant wait to be back in ldn

  30. milosundae says:

    the girl in the 3rd photo got an amazing haircut. hype!

  31. Kitty says:

    Green trousers guy = amazing… Love it.

  32. Tiphaine says:

    The third girl’s bag is so cute !

  33. the 3rd girl is so cute!

  34. nasne says:

    I would do anything to get that MJ bag, if that means wait a table for 20 years! :)

  35. alexandra says:

    all theese peoples have amazing styles!! give me.