LONDON – marylebone & brick lane, 02/28/09

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  1. kaamiye says:

    The girl with the red lipstick is gorgeous…

  2. harps says:

    number 2 its nice, certainly a look I’d wear

  3. Lucky cherie says:

    The first and second photos-beautiful and eyecatching… I had to get a better look when I saw these.

  4. JamieDOTBall says:

    number ones lovely..the other two..

  5. Moodie says:

    I love the witchy mary poppins looks of number 2 ! She is funny and scary. Love

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the first 2…

    the third is absolutely awful.. there are some “styles” that will never look good. Clothes should fit properly. Here this dude looks like his legs are 1 foot long, his feet weigh a million pounds, and his torso makes up 80% of his body. The fabric for that cardigan is awful as well.

  7. diane says:

    1. I usually can’t stand striped tights on adults, but hers are very grown up. Nice.
    2. This is a nice mix of “dirty” and ladylike.
    3. A great example of what the h*ll was I thinking.

  8. Brigadeiro says:

    Love that first shot, gorgeous! :)

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Leia says:

    Were you on Oxford Street with a tripod and camera on Friday the 27th?

  11. davidlouiggy says:

    nice hattn. that looks like it’s made out of a flock of seagulls

  12. visionaire says:

    love the first girl! great contrast lips..
    oh how i miss living in marylebone….

  13. Rita says:

    I love the second girl’s dramatic make up… and her soft expression.

  14. ZORI says:

    The girl on the second photo has amazing style. Great shots

  15. VICTORIA says:

    OMG, i love Ukraine. Wonderfull country!

  16. Gaia says:

    love the last one.

  17. Jack Daniel says:

    I like the way you took the girls with the nice background!

  18. elzplz says:

    the girls are GORGEOUS!

  19. Lo. Li. Ta. says:

    Number two is gorgeous :o

  20. Bertel says:

    Is the boy a midget? Or is he a child?

  21. All very very unique looks!

    I like the second girls thing the most, she has the dark hair, pure white skin and red lipstick going on but in a rough sort of edgy way, i like it!

    Great finds!

    Fashbashsoundclash X

  22. corrie says:

    That first image is so striking!

  23. jukejka says:

    the 1st pic, she’s cute ;)

  24. Love the first look with the stripes :)

  25. Isidor says:

    I like the second picture. She looks fantastic

  26. Olviya says:

    love that striped girl! :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    primark tights!

  28. Anonymous says:

    guess all you guys are tacky as hell or doesnt have a clue about anything. sure the first two pictures are cute but what about the third one? i think its a beautiful combination. relaxed and wearable at the same time.

  29. Anonymous says:

    im sure number 2 served me in Selfridges today!! she has a great look here as she also she did today!! xxx

  30. I love number 2’s red lips and green coat, she looks great