LONDON – fashion week aw 09, man day, 02/25/09

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  1. Aava says:

    Theyre all HOT! The only outfit I like though, is the last one. Ahh you should keep shooting more men!

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    number one awesome oxblood shoes! urm a pipe? maybe trying too hard? quirky post though :)

  3. bec says:

    รก la hugh heffner haha. great, takes confidence, i like that.

  4. Callum Smith says:

    Wow, love the first guy’s boots. Am-az-ing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the man in second and third picture – he looks like Ford Prefect! he just need a towel and the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy :)

  6. dandy gum says:

    nice robe de chambre.

  7. this man in the robe is my new boyfriend.

  8. olga d says:

    that second guy. is. epic.

  9. marie says:

    love the guy with robe and pipe…especially his yellow socks. that’s the way to handle the fashion-week.

  10. haylin says:

    i like the first picture,
    that guy looks cute!

  11. diane says:

    1. This is a really handsome look.
    2. Where’s my Courvoisier?
    3. Also very handsome.

  12. themayfly says:

    Oh wow, how cool is the second guy?!
    I love to see lots of men on here, as well as women.

  13. Huxley. says:

    The gentleman in the smoking jacket has socks to die for. It is now my mission to add such hosiery to Huxley’s collection.

  14. Mad Hatter says:

    I like these photos, the yellow sock will have to be questioned.

  15. I have been wanting a hat that the hottie in the first picture has on for a while now, does anyone know what it is specifically called?


  16. norawoah says:

    Yes! Yellow socks!

  17. Lenny says:

    yellow sock man is very much a throwback, and very much appreciated. well done.

  18. anna says:

    e the guy in the middle!

  19. Gaia says:

    love the last one.

  20. Jack Daniel says:

    i bet that last dude is from france. :)

  21. Filipa says:

    The second outfit is horrible. Waist down and waist up are totally different styles and, in the end, it doesnt come together at all. The yellow socks and the wrapped pants are simply ridiculous.

  22. love the secong guy.lolo :]