LONDON – fashion week aw 09, day 3, 02/22/09

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  1. PoIsOn MaRy says:

    the tartan coat is just beautiful and the lego thing is so original :)

  2. HuL says:

    Japanese girl is so cute and checked shirt guy is hot!!

  3. Beha says:

    Looooves that necklaces!
    another fashion thing from Denmark! ;)

  4. evita nuh says:

    that necklace is super super super awesome!

  5. Beha says:

    Looooves that necklaces!
    another fashion thing from Denmark! ;)

  6. diane says:

    The Lego thing is cool, but the item for me is the pair of shoes in photo 2. Love. xo

  7. the lego suits to his checkered shirt and his great glases =)

  8. bec says:

    i just made a jacket like the one on the first picture, except in blue. really nice! and the last kid, i think ive seen him on lookbook? but anyways, great finds for day 3. would love to be in london right…now!

  9. Jack Daniel says:

    About the LEGO necklace…it’s sooo fragile. I wouldn’t be feeling comfortable if I had that thing around my neck. I do love his glasses though. :P

    The girl with long hair is a cuuutiepie.

  10. Anonymous says:

    all the girls here are too cute..

    stalker-ish fact: Lego boy blogs @

  11. love the second last photo!!!

  12. anna says:

    last guy where really cute.

  13. D says:

    love the 4th. and the shoes on number 2. charlotte ronson perchance?


  14. Alpha Vomero says:

    again, the LEGO necklace is my fav for sure!

  15. Anonymous says:

    i am really put off by the lego thing. It’s creative amd really original, especially with the lego revival branding thing thats about at the moment, but it takes on a very extreme post modernism kind of genre. I think it’s to strong for an unstrucutred black ‘hoodie’ and average, common checked shirt.
    Someone raided to toy chest before leaving the house. Gimmick.

  16. rosssss says:

    Just go to lookbook and search Galahad in users
    thats lego boy
    hes amazinggggggggg

  17. Mad Hatter says:

    I like these, great photos

  18. rocknroll says:

    last guy is damn cute.
    the lego thing rocks.

  19. Tiffany Tse says:

    AH the necklace! and the glasses1

  20. i was just going to say, Hapsical!!

  21. norawoah says:

    I am in love with that necklace, and those glasses on that boy.

  22. TEXTSTYLES says:

    2 and 4 make my life
    and that lego necklace! ridic!


  23. Sandro says:

    tennessee thomas! she did it again!

  24. Gina says:

    tennessee wears the same bag as always, the same glasses as always… you could take a picture of her everyday, in the end you would have a nice flip-book!

  25. Olviya says:

    pict #2 – shoes are superb!

  26. Miriam says:

    those shoes on the first photo!!!

  27. Juliet says:

    i recognize the last guy off of!

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