After Paris Prêt-à-Porter Fashion Week, where I’ll be shooting an episode of The Facehunter Show, I’ll be off to Kiev for the Ukrainian Fashion Week. First time in Ukraine, I’m very intrigued.

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to say….its nice fashion blog!

    keep posting more new pictures.

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    i just cant wait for the face hunter show new episode! its been too long :)

  3. Lisa says:

    i SERIOUSLY cannot wait for your pictures.

    it is my dream to go to ukraine

    as i am 100% ukrainian blood, but have sadly never been!
    i hope to make it there with my siblings sometime in the near future.



  4. bec says:

    Ukraine? That’s the kind of country I never hear anything about. Too bad anyways. I’m excited to see how the style is over there. I’d love to go and see!

  5. olga d says:

    urkaine?! i didn’t even know there is such thing as kiev fashion week. well have fun in kiev, beware of the subway! things disappear in there (ie, hold on to your pockets). can’t wait for the pics.

  6. Aava says:

    ooh!sounds interesting!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi!! Nothing intriguing in Ukraine is present, can because I live here :))) Here France charms me!

  8. Lucky cherie says:

    We’re waiting for you!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ukraine should be interesting- lots of bright colors seem to be very prevalent throughout!

    Have Fun!

    (careful on the subway though)

  10. diane says:

    Have a wonderful time, and try not to eat too much paska, pyrohy, holubtsi, and nut rolls (hehe). xo

  11. Juliet says:

    Sounds so interesting! Can’t wait!

    juliet xxx

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s great!!You’d like our fashion week.We have a lot of talented people. Kiev is waiting=)

  13. Welcome! It’s great!

  14. im-skin says:

    sounds great!!
    hope U would like it;)

  15. Anonymous says:

    It can be very interesting, especially ‘cos you will see how people are picking up their outfits during hard economic crisis(if you don’t know Ukraine is near to total collapse). Try to go out of usual “underground” circles and see some normal people. Perfect occasion can be cruising on Kreshatik street in the weekend after 3 pm. Also it can be interesting to visit market of Andrejevski spusk, is the offcial flea market of the city, there you’ll find young artist, old people who try to sold some antics(false or true never mind)and usual stuff for visitors. But anyway this is one of the most special and beautiful places of Kiev with magnificient view. If you’ll have enough time visit also the catacombs of Pecerskaya lavra. They are the most important after greek ones and full of mumies of the most important saints of Russian church.
    Boun Voyage

  16. Olviya says:

    You are very very welcome!!!
    i know, that you are going to be the main guest of seminar about internet and fashion.
    in any case, if you need some guide or company, i will be glad to show you the city and the fashion

  17. We have so cool second hands here!

  18. jin says:

    Welcome to Kyiv (Ukrainian spelling of Kyiv)!

    UWF press-cenrt announce your workshop. Where and when will be it?