the next hightlights in my agenda:
Feb. 17: Antwerp
Feb. 20-25: London Fashion Week
March 5-12: Paris Prêt-à-porter

The Facehunter Show is almost ready. You’ll be able to see the first part of the Sao Paulo episode at the beginning of March. A new episode will be filmed in Paris during Fashion Week. Can’t wait to share with you! Teasers coming soon. Love.

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  1. Tiphaine says:

    Can’t wait to see it ! you’re one of my principal inspiration sources!
    Thank you !
    New posts on .
    see ya’!

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    yes i cant wait either i love the facehunter show taking it to the next level of blogging!

  3. Stephie says:

    hey yvan (: hope you’ve been well! I’ve been enjoying your recent photos and I am really looking forward to the Face Hunter shows again!

  4. Jack Daniel says:

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve been waiting for!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, what’s taking so long anyway! You used to pump it out every week. It’s not like you have a lot occupying your schedule or anything! :op

  6. Olviya says:

    ohh, thats very interesting!
    hope to find you in London with my camera)

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey. I saw you in a swedish tv-program. you’re like really cool. I love your style, and what you do.

    just leaving a mark.